Back from Hawai’i, I’m inspired to do some “island painting” and eat more seafood, especially fish. I’m alittle disappointed in the availability of fish and seafood there as well as exotic fruits. I expected a wealth of seafood and a whole range of interesting and different fish meals. We could find loads of pasta meals and New York steaks and hamburgers and chips, even French resturants, with Mahi Mahi quite frequently, but for the rest, exciting fish meals were scarce.  We also had to drive quite deep into Kona island to find guavas , which we picked from a tree and they were absolutely delicious! But maybe the season wasn’t producing what I was looking for. At least it got me back into the “fish and fruit” zone again and the first thing I did when arriving back home – apart from loading a first bundle of washing – was to take off to the fish market and buy fish for our dinner! For now, a little appetizer – ocean inspired, to get going…

…baguette slices with seaweed salsa…

baguettes slices with seaweed salsa

With a glass of cold, dry white wine, it is a good and easy little appetizer to tantalize the tastebuds while waiting for your fish to appear on the table. You can also be sure of many health benefits in seaweeds. In french we call it salade de  mer, which literally means sea salad, composed of different sea weeds, found at health and Asian stores.  It is healthy cocktail of vitamins and proteins and minerals.

The quantities are relative. Start with a little and add more as you proceed. Here is what I did:

  • 2 TBSP of salade de la mer(a mixture of dried seaweeds)
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of chopped , rinsed capers
  • a pinch of fennel fleur de sel
  • TBSP of rice vinegar
  • TBSP of mirrin
  • TBSP olive oil
  • Toasted slices of seeded baguette

Mix all the ingredients together and leave for about 10 minutes for the seaweed to absorb the oils and vinegars. Taste again and adjust seasoning. Serve in a little bowl along with toasted baguette slices.

* Suggestions:

  1. The seaweed can be replaced by finely shredded white meat fish, or fish can be added along with the seaweed.
  2. A drop or two of white balsamic vinegar can be added with lime/lemon juice and shallot wine vinegar, instead of the rice vinegar and mirrin,  for a different interpretation.
  3. The salsa can be eaten with fish, like tuna or a cod or any other “gentle flavoured”  white fish”.
  4. A cold dry white wine, like a chenin blanc is a good companion.
  5. Don’t leave the seaweed salsa standing for too long, since it becomes “rubbery” after a while.
  6. The seaweed mixture can be found at health stores or at Asian stores.


ingredients for seaweed appetizers

Since Hartman was at the convention and meetings most of the time, I had ample time to sketch…

…flamingos and koi…

hawaii flamingoes hawaii koi fish 10-2-2009 7-19-50 PM

…reflections and flora…

hawaii 3hawaii sketch 1

A short  tour  through our trip to Hawai’i:

…sunsets from our room, different every evening!

sunset from our room sunset 3

…Kona coffee to wake up and start the day with…

kona coffee fishing early morning 1

…bananas and guavas on the tree…

guava onthe tree bananas

…a shea shore and a coast of volcano rock…

horizon volcano eruption

…shades of blue…

by the shorebreaking wave

…for the energetics!…

surfing 3 surfing 4

More Hawai’i photos can be seen here at Myfrenchkitchen: Travel

13 thoughts on “Baguette slices with a seaweed(salade de mer) salsa

  1. The seaweed salsa is a new to me, but it must be packed with flavor as well as all kids of nutrients….. The holiday photos worked…..I want to go there sooooonnnN!!!!!


  2. this looks really interesting… must give it a try! the pictures are stunning, but i would have had the same disappointing feelings over the food as you… you’d have known! x


  3. Welcome back! The food looks so delicious. And the photos from Hawaii just make me want to fly there.


  4. Hi Ronell

    Die sketse is pragtig en die fotos ook. Die baguette lyk so heerlik, maar nou is die bestandele vir my vreemd. Kry ek dit in SA. Kan ek dit met iets bekends vervang?

    Geniet jou blogg so!!


    Tannie Martie


  5. Bonjour!

    What fabulous photos and art work..I took the liberty of clicking and seeing more..It’s so refreshing to be in a different milieu and have the opportunity to just take it all in..and take it all home w/ such memories.Thank you for sharing them.

    Fennel Fleur De Sel is something I may have to concoct:)


  6. This seaweed salsa looks delicious and would go perfectly with my homemade sourdough bread (mon nouveau dada!), but I have not tried yet the delicious “poisson aux agrumes”!
    I love your flamingos, on dirait des danseuses du Lido.


  7. Looks as if you had a fantastic break – your paintings are awesome! This appetiser sounds as if it positively packed with umami flavour 🙂


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