A refreshing salad..full of crunch and texture…a delight on the taste buds with the soft sweetness of the pears and the tart exploding sweetness of the pomegranate seeds. Fitting for a special parcel…


  • Red cabbage ribbons can be added for more colour.
  • Add the pomegranate seeds last if you want you salad to be “unstained”.
  • A yoghurt dressing with lemon and honey is great too.
  • If you want a more “sustainable ” salad, add some coarsely grated hard  cheese of your choice.
  • Good with fish.
  • Can be served on its own as a starter or accompaniment as a side.
  • A good salad for losing weight  and/or detox.

Some days are sometimes unexpectedly special. Like a Tuesday when the post lady knocks on your door and with a broad smile hands you a parcel: “Voilá! Toujours Noël!” (still christmas for you!)

A lovely surprise from the extraordinary Monique at A la table de Nana. After opening up the very well wrapped outer box and fixing my eyes upon the beautiful first layer, I found myself working softer and more delicate with each unwrapping;  lingering, feathering and stroking my fingers deliberately over each wrapping, wonder what hides underneath, trying to prolong the seconds to minutes, enjoying the feeling of excitement and yielding to the pleasure of feeling special.

…opening up onto creative bookmarks and cards...

…then a next surprise…

…even more delicate and beautifully wrapped…

…so many unfolding surprises in such a small box…

…a notebook, beautiful chcolate transfers, even more beautiful cookie transfers…

Few things in life give us that warmth around the heart than caring, attention, a spontaneous compliment…a little act of some kind making you feel special. This little parcel did exactly that. It had something of everything…

…a little bit of romance, a touch of personal creativity, a hint of refinement, a sprinkling of originality, a taste of beauty…finished off with drizzlings of warmth and  presented with care and delicate attention…

Have you sent a small parcel to someone? Wrapped with care and attention to small détail, adding a little note here and a chocolate there, a smile, a giggle, a wish…not a Christmas gift. Not a birthday gift. Just something to say someone else is special. No? So…let’s just do it!

Trucs et astuces de nos grands-mères:

To substitute for crème fraîche to make whipped cream, beat an egg white to meringue phase(stiff) and add in 1 teaspoon of melted butter.

21 thoughts on “Celeriac salad with pears and pomegranate and a special parcel.

  1. THAT looks and sounds delicious. I know I’d like that. How pretty, too! I’m going to make this one, for sure, Ronell! You have some really good recipes here. I’m a huge fan. Et bien sur, the watercolor is beautiful as always, Ronell.


  2. I have grown up with pomegranates and love the idea of your salad with pears etc. It must be delicious! And the little box you received was such a thoughtful gift! Your photographs were excellent and as usual I love your paintings. I just referred one of my students to your site as her painting style is very similar.


  3. It took almost 2 months..but it got there..Ronelle if you lived next door to me..I would package you surprises almost every day I bet.
    Your joy makes me very happy.
    I am happy to have seen your friend’s Sue’s work also..When I retire..I would love to paint as well as the 2 of you..

    Happy it got there..happy it made you smile..
    Merçi de ta délicatesse.


  4. PS..I made a soup w/ pears today!! And I love celeriac!! I was so consumed with you and I :)I forgot the whole point of the beautiful food~ Mea Culpa..Thank goodness you are doing dodo right now:) Your post is scrumptious!


  5. I never used celeriac, I’m a bit scared of it’s looks. But I should definitely try. Your salad looks great.


  6. resep lyk yummie!! gaan probeer. en JA!! ek het die voorreg gehad om eenkeer, heeltemal onverwags van jou so verrassingsboksie te kry. Ek dink baie terug aan daardie lekkerte….onvergeetbaar! XX


  7. What a wonderful gift! So creative and so thoughtful.

    Now I have the celeriac but where am I going to get pomegranate at this time of year!? Of course I do have a beautiful watercolour of one which you included in my Flying Pictures Sketchbook 🙂


  8. What a delightful parcel……I love to do this, I am more excited over the giving that I think the other person is over the receiving!!!!


  9. Your salad looks delishh.. I’m going to try and make something similar this evening! Hope good old Woolies have pomegranates!
    What an elaborate gift you received!
    Does anyone know where you can get chocolate transfers in South Africa?

    Thank you again for a beautiful blog!



  10. Hello Ronelle,

    This is indeed a very refreshing & healthy salad!! Thanks for sharing this with us!!



  11. the loveliness of the poem beautifully portrayed by photos & writing! thanks for the reminder – i have a parcel to plan…


  12. Some very interesting recipes here, and a very interesting blog too.

    I will have to bookmark this and stop by more often.



  13. What a gorgeous parcel! I am so bad with attention to wrapping detail – I am just not an artist when it comes that that sort of thing 😦

    love the salad – I made something similar a couple of winters ago, using fennel instead of celeriac. Great minds think alike!


  14. and Ronelle, can you imagine something more lovely than a pomegranate seed????? I think they are astonishing and they taste astonishing. I love growing them and recently used a homemade pomegranate syrup to baste two big roasting hens. IT WAS DIVINE!

    Lovely, lovely salad.

    Thank you dear,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  15. That “small” parcel just took my breath away! What an amazing, beautiful, thoughtful, creative gift! And who better to give it to than a woman who is thoughtful, creative, beautiful and amazing?!

    And, of course, your salad is a perfect example of that…….


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