Tomatoes can be used in so many forms and a small tartlet is one of them. Combined with some goats cheese, a few chopped olives, some torn basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil, served in a pastry cup and voila, you have a starter, or amuse bouche, or even a main meal served with a green salad.

VF: Avec une tomate on peut toujours s’amuser dans l’esprit estival – mettre ensembles dans une coupe de pâtisserie, les tomates avec un morceau de fromage de chèvre, des olives, des feuilles de basiliques, un filet d’huile d’olive et on sert pour une amuse bouche ou une entrée ou même un plat principal, accompagné d’une salade verte.


  • Use any other cheese, like mozzarella or a piece of camembert or brie.
  • Use a puff pastry instead of Phyllo pastry. Adapt the baking time(longer).
  • Instead of marinated tomatoes, cherry tomatoes or grape tomatoes can be used in which case the tomatoes should be halved, the seeds removed and slightly sautèed before hand to soften them.
  • Add some chives or finely sliced spring onions to the tartlets.
  • Taste for seasoning, before adding any. The goats cheese and marinated tomatoes add enough flavor and salt.
  • Adapt the size of the tartlet for a starter. for an amuse bouche, a 5 cm size is good, for a starter, move to a 7 cm size and for a meal with a green salad make it even a little bigger, depending on the size of muffin pan/tart pan available.
  • To make a lighter version for health/diet…use a thin phyllo pastry, spread lightly with melted butter, use fresh cherry tomatoes and substitute mozzarella cheese.

If I say that I love white in the kitchen I know there will be  quite a few readers out there who will eagerly say the same.

Je sais qu’il y a plein de gens qui, comme moi, adorent utiliser le blanc dans la cuisine.

White in the kitchen is, apart from being practical, also beautiful, economical and fun. A white plate is a showcase for all foods, from a simple sandwich ton elaborate cooked leg of lamb. Combine different whites with different textures on the same table.

Utiliser le  blanc dans la cuisine est pratique, beau, économique et n’oubliez pas..amusant! Une assiette blanche est une façon parfaite de  faire une ravissante présentation.

…don’t overlook a little humor(un peu de gaieté dans l’assiette)…

My mother had the most beautiful complete tea sets; the teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, cups and saucers, the cake stand and dessert plates. They were white tiny pink flowers, white with blue forget-me-nots, white with colored musical notes, pretty and feminine. She used a whole set at a time, especially on Sunday afternoons for tea; serving a tart on the cake stand, sprinkling colored sugar in the sugar bowl and warm tea leaves in the teapot with a tea strainer on the side. That is how it was in those days.

Today we mix and match. In our clothing and on our tables. I sometimes wonder whether I’m disturbing he3r peace in her hereafter life with my massacring her tea sets by mixing and matching;  the teapot for flowers, the cake stand for soaps in the bathroom or the cups for mints by the side table…or maybe she is watching me with a smile, shaking her head and thinking…”how much my little girl loves my tea sets!’…

Je me souviens des sets à thé complètes de ma mère…très féminines, très belles. Les théières, les bols de sucre, les assiettes de dessert, les tasses et ses soucoupes. Elles était blanches avec des petites fleurs en roses, des petites fleurs du myosites. Elle servais du thé et une tarte les dimanches après-midis à l’heure de goûter..comme d’habitude a l’époque.

Aujourd’hui ça change. On fait un mélange de styles et de couleurs, il n’y a pas de règles. Je me demande parfois si ma mère me regarde de si lointaine avec l’horreur quand j’emploie sa théière pour une vase de fleurs, ou l’assiette de gâteau pour les savons dans la salle de bain, ou les tasses de thé pour les menthes dans la chambre…ou peut-être elle me regarde souriante, surprise par ma créativité, et contente de voir que j’aime ses sets à thé..!

…old and contemporary in harmony side by side(ancienne et contemporaine vivent ensemble) ..

…”the hare and the tortoise”(le lièvre et la tortue) – jean de la fontaine…

…every day (quotidien)…

…fish days(les jours du poisson)…

…and mixed days(mélangé)…

…à la prochaine..!

23 thoughts on “Tomato and goats cheese tartlet…and a love for white: in the kitchen.

  1. I enjoyed this visit and YES, I too love white in the kitchen. I really love the hare and the tortoise plate. Love it.

    The recipe looks simple and elegant. Thank you, thank you!


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  2. Yum. I can hardly wait for my tomatoes to ripen so I can try this as well as many variations. Your little watercolor is gorgeous, as your work usually is.
    I totally agree with you about using a variety of mis-matched white dishes in the kitchen, plus lots of bright colors in linens and on the walls.


  3. Beautiful crockery – I find the vintage ones so charming, almost as if you can imagine a story to each piece.


  4. The tarts look delicious! I agree about white in the kitchen — it’s just so fresh and simple! I love your collections of dishes!


  5. A new way to serve goat cheese, one of my favorite things! It sounds delicous, thanks for the recipe.


  6. Chère Ronelle,

    Je viens de découvrir ton blog via Foodbuzz. Je suis très content d’avoir trouvé “My French Kitchen.” Tu as un blog amusant, utile, et tellement charmant.

    Félicitations pour le <> chez Foodbuzz. Tu le mérites!

    A la prochaine,



  7. Hey Ronell, this sounds so delicious. I am a firm believer that there aren’t many things much better than ripe tomatoes with cheese and fresh basil-so delicious and summery! Your pastry cups are so pretty too. If I made it this way, my Cauldron Boy would be so happy. Maybe I should try…?
    Oh, and I love white in the kitchen by the way. It makes everything look so clean and happy (smile).


  8. I do savor goat cheese tarts. Loving the idea of mixing the cheese with my cherry tomatoes that have just come in. The phyllo makes it look so delicate and elegant – must experiment with that. The whites are so indeed so pretty. My whites are too modern – they showcase the food but they don’t instill the same sort of thrill as when I take out the more delicate china with a touch of a rosebud and some crinkled rims. Lovely as always.


  9. The crispy phyllo cups look great with the tomato filling. And, yes, I agree, white in the kitchen is my favorite. Love your fish bowl!


  10. Ronelle, you have such incredible ideas. I LOVE these little phyllo butter cups. I think I will have to find myself a ripe tomato, some fresh basil and goat cheese today- in fact for my lunch. And your mixing and matching of white on white, eclectic dishes is such a treat to behold.


  11. My friend Sharon Lovejoy just shared your blog with me! It is wonderful! I am so inspired with your sense of beauty, deliciousness, freshness and joy! I want to try making everything! I am going to France late Sept and early Oct. to do book signings for Monet’s Passion and some photography, hopefully something with a food friend Kate Hill. We are dreaming some classes for next year together. I have several food, garden, celebration events this summer in my garden and your blog will be a great inspiration! Thank you!


  12. Hi Ronelle
    Those tartlets look delicious and the photograph is so beautiful! It brings back wonderful memories…….!!
    I love your collection of crockery and the way you mix and match them..good job!


  13. Hello Ronelle!

    Yoyr tomato & goat’s cheese tartlets look so incredibly tasty!!

    I also love the stunning & special tablewear! Very funny too!


  14. Gorgeous tarts – and photos! I deeply desire your collection of beautiful tableware… And I’m pretty sure your mom loves watching what you are doing with the tea sets 🙂


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