Summer is a wonderful time to try new recipes. Not to cook. But simply to put together. Myabe a bit of cooking. But only a little. It is too hot and time is too precious to spend in front of a stove. These little rolls are something new to try and it involves no cooking. Delicious and refreshing cold.  Serve either on its own with a drizzle of thick balsamic reduction, or enjoy as a summer lunch with a salad and some wholesome bread.

VF: L’été est parfaite pour s’amuser avec des nouvelles recettes vite et facile à assembler. On cuisine pas. Il fait trop chaud à la cuisinière et il y a trop de choses à faire… Bon d’accord. Peut-être un tout petit peu. Mais c’est tout.  Ces rouleaux de saumon fumé sont intéressants, faciles et vite à faire. Ils sont délicieux froid et servis comme ils sont, avec un filet de réduction de balsamique sur l’assiette òu en salade accompagnée avec un bon pain rustique.


  • The rolls can be made small like in the recipe, or bigger by leaving the salmon slices uncut. In this case rolling would be a bit easier and the rolls can be cut carefully afterwards ibnto two slices. If you want neat rolls, cut off the ends with a very sharp knife. I prefer a more rustic look.
  • Spread the ricotta cheese on the red pepper for easier spreading  and top then with the spinach leaves.
  • The red pepper can be chopped finely and mixed in with the ricotta cheese for a different version.
  • Prioscutt, basill leaves and roasted oven tomatoes could be an interesting substitute for the red pepper and spinach leaves, giving a more Italian ambiance.
  • Serve two rolls of salmon rolls per person on a plate with a drizzling of thick reduced balsamic syrup, as in the photo.

Our street kicked off the holidays with our yearly bbq across our homes, on the banks of the Loire. A sunny Saturday. A Smoke from the bbq. Set tables. Fresh flowers. Pique-nique baskets. And happy neighbors. Perfect.

Notre rue à commencée cette été dans un esprit de festival. Un barbecue aux bords de la Loire. Un Samedi bien ensoleillé avec une trainée de fumée  qui conduit vers le ciel. Des fleurs gaies. Des paniers éparpillées partout, l’évidence de pique-nique. Et les gents bienheureux. Un midi parfait.

As always, we enjoy our three course. Starting off with some aperitif and a petillante and icy cold rosé wines. We had different kind of cakes, abig favorite in France for an apritif with a sparkling wine. Cake with sauteed leeks and artichokes, cake with goats cheese and tomato.

Et bien entendu, nous nous régalons toujours en commencer avec une petite apéritif et une pétillante de la région. Très froid bien sur.Sur la table était un bon choix de différentes cakes salés; un cake aux poireaux et artichauts…un cake a la tomate et au fromage de chèvre.

..around the aperitif table(autour l’aperitif)…

…the pique nique baskets speak of heavy loads(les paniers de pique-nique)…

…what could possibly hide under that wrapping?(que cache au dessous)…

…someimtes keeping an eye on the pique-nique baskets(garder un œil sur les paniers)…

…baguettes and wine – couldn’t do without!(pas sans baguettes et du vin)..

…choosing seating(òu s’installer à table)...

…but first – time for some conversation among pretty ladies and heavy discussions(des jolies femmes et sérieuses discussions)

…and a far off call while the fire is stretching high(un appel et le feu)…

…and the smoke is a sign of good things to come(la fumée des promesses)

…like this( de ca)…

…and this(et ca)

…and while we wait for those good things from the smoke, we start with our starters…salads and baguette!(salades et baguettes pour entrées en attendant de la viande)…

…everybody is happy(le monde est content)

…and silence sets over the long table(et la silence arrive à la table)

…while we taste and share, discuss and delight(lorsqu’on goute et partage, discute et se régale)

…far from done, we get to our cheeses(loin d’être terminé, on attack les fromages)...

…and clafoutis…of apricots and cherries, and peaches(et ensuite, un clafoutis de pêche.. et d’abricot.. et de cerise)…

…and after our coffee and chocolates, the Loire reclaims its silence once again, the only proof of an afternoon of laughter and good food and happy relionships are  some summer blooms picked from a garden in the street by the Loire…

…Et quand on a terminé nos cafés et chocolats et la Loire règne à nouveau en silence,  il ne reste comme preuve d’un après-midi de bons repas, de bonnes relations, et de joie,  que quelques fleurs d’un jardin de notre rue.

22 thoughts on “Salmon rolls with roasted red pepper and ricotta…and a street barbeque by the Loire

  1. Oh this is a dream, Ronnel!! I have always wanted to hold an outdoor feast like this 🙂


  2. Wish more people would come together and celebrate like this…a community sharing of good food and conversation. Seems like more and more people are becoming little islands and not reaching out. I have hope!


  3. Hey, I’m back to look at how you did your red peppers. I thought I left a comment earlier, but maybe I didn’t. Hmm…? I took a calcium/magnesium pill earlier, which is supposed to be a somewhat natural way to relax or sleep. I find that it just makes me really air headed (smile).
    In case I didn’t leave a proper comment, this post is wonderful, Ronelle. I love smoked salmon, so these are perfect for a hot summer day at my house here in the subtropics. Oh, and I wish we did a neighborhood picnic like that…


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  5. o jinne maar die kuier lyk heerlik Ronell!!as ek my oe styf toeknyp hoor ek hoe almal gesels…en ek kan net dink dat Hartmann die leier was van die braai!!! daardie Salm rolletjies gaan ek beslis probeer.mmmm! Colette x


  6. It is said that we usually approach food the way we approach life.;)) I can see you are passionate about both.
    Beautiful place.
    Thank you so much for your kind visit and words,


  7. I second my friend Zuzana’s words. So true.
    I feel as though I’ve been on a traditional picnic, or here maybe we would also refer to it as a barbecue, but picnic suits me fine.

    I love the photos and of course, I will try the salmon rolls for my company tomorrow night IF I can buy fresh wild salmon, NOT the farm raised. That scares me.

    I loved dropping by and Elizabeth Murray (Monet’s Passion author-photographer) said she dropped you a note. I think you two would enjoy each other.

    Sending love from HOT Maine.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  8. Oh this blog is really beautiful and oozing artistic talent. I will be visiting again – thank you! I love this quintessentially summer recipe. Such an inspiring time to cook.


  9. I love summer & eating alongside friends & family!!

    The salmon ricotta rolls look a real delight!

    Lovely pictures too!


  10. The salmon sings of summer and I lust after your picnic. You showed it to me so vividly. I shall content myself by having some Tome verte goat cheese from the Loire Valley and make-believe I am there.


  11. Thanks everybody! Have a great summer and MANY picnics…and those where the weather is considerably colder… enjoy a picnic in front of the fire!


  12. Oh the french pique nique brings back wonderful memories of our time in France this year. Friends living in Cannes took us to Isle St. Margritte and we pique niqued in the grounds of the sailing club. Wonderful food, company and so very special for us. Our spelling of picnic is nowhere as enticing don’t you think.


  13. I found this recipe through FoodGawker and I think it sounds absolutely amazing. I have all the ingredients except the ricotta — which I went out and bought at lunch today! Can’t wait to try this recipe this weekend!


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