Foie gras is a traditional favourite in our home for Christmas. Along with oysters and “vin chaud” (or gluhwein), it always appears on our menu. Some years will see our foie gras home made in a terrine, served cold and some years it will be fried, served with warm mango and toasted brioche.

  1. Cut raw foie gras into escalopes of about 1.5-2mm thick. Dust lightly with flour and leave in the fridge until needed.
  2. Peel and cut a mango in thin slices. Heat a pan with a knob of butter and add the mango slices. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar and fry until caramelized.
  3. Keep warm.
  4. Cut some brioche in slices, toast and cut on the diagonal into two halves.
  5. Heat non stick pan to hot, add the escalopes of foie gras and fry on one side until caramelized. Turn over and tquickly touch the other side. Remove from the heat and serve immediatly.
  6. To serve: Place one half of the brioche on a plate. Place a slice of fried foie gras on top. Finish off with slices of mango  and place the second half of the brioche askew.  Serve immediately.


…My own space…

“So what are you hanging around here for, Mrs duck? You belong on the beautiful lake out there, not here with the people, this isn’t your place…”

“Well, I’m fed here, all kinds of goodies and I like it, so why not? You enjoy it out here on the terrace with your cheesecake, why can’t I…. and don’t be so selfish with it by the way, share some!  See the German tourists over there? No selfishness at that table!”

“No, you can’t have cheesecake. I’m a human, this is what we humans do. You’re an animal, a duck, you don’t eat cheesecake and you don’t belong on a terrace. And by the way, where are your ducklings?”

“Oh, smarten up! We’re not in the Middle Ages any more! And my ducklings are fine, they’re in good hands.  They’re with the nanny. I need my own space too, you know!”



  • Have your pan hot before putting in your escalopes of foie gras.
  • Sear on one side and turn over for a quick touch on the other side and serve immediately.
  • Other fruit like plums, peaches, apple, pear and figs can be done the same way and served warm with the foie gras.

…and December ambiance 2010

And here we are again in the special month of December, with its cold and dark days, bright lights, snow and frost, snuggling in front of fireplaces and cupping our hand around a cup of hot chocolate, indulging in our nostalgias and reflecting on christmas dinners.

Our christmas tree gets decorated on the 1st day of December and for the rest of December we light a candle ever night to rememeber those who we loved or still love. And decorating the christmas tree means more than Santa Claus and Noel and gifts and the three kings, or the crib and a baby…it is a witness to our memories and tender sentiments which come to us in this month, the end of a year, when reflection on the past and pondering on future dreams travel with us towards the new year.

…May your December be whatever you wish it to be and may happiness be your biggest wish…

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..à la prochaine..



13 thoughts on “Foie gras with mango .. and December ambiance 2010.

  1. How beautiful, Ronelle, your tree is lovely, we usually get ours in the middle of Dec. but this year a friend of mine with 3 children wanted to go together and it was so much fun with children again, mine are grown and live away. We went to the tree farm and each got one. I was sensible and got one only 5 feet tall. Last year our tree was over 8 feet tall and I had a time getting it in the house and up. I love your decorations and painting of your candlestick. You make your home such a warm and loving beautiful place. thank you for sharing, Diana


  2. Ronelle, the “foie gras with mango” looks so good! I am unfamiliar with “foie gras” but must say that if you made it, it must be good!
    Your Christmas tree with decorations is beautiful and I can just imagine how pretty it must look in your lovely home with the dark days and snow outside!
    Bisous my friend!


  3. I love pate, but have only had a chicken liver pate, never pate fois gras. The recipe looks delicious.

    Also, your tree is lovely, I miss having a real tree. We went artificial when my son was reacting to the mold spores on the trunk. I now burn candles that have the pine scent.



  4. How I love this beautiful Christmas post ~ foie gras with mango sound so very delicious! I have never found foie gras in any shops here although we have a many mangoes. Your tree is ever so… pretty!
    take care


  5. Ronelle, your tree is gorgeous. You’ve definitely given me some Christmas spirit on this chilly Florida morning.

    Your foie gras with mango sounds divine. Mangos with balsamic vinegar would be a wonderful combination of flavors.

    Years ago my husband tried to sear foie gras, but it fell apart and was a disaster. Thank you for sharing how to cook it properly. We probably cooked it too long, but also didn’t know about dusting it with flour and leaving it in the refrigerator until the last moment.

    Merci beaucoup for the tip.


  6. I had my real first time experience with foi this year at La Colombe…totally sublime!!!

    Love the Christmas tree, we only decorate ours later in the month!


  7. One of these days…I will finally have foie gras. I will know the sublime! (I hope I like it!) I love decorating the tree – each ornmament was from a place,a time, an event, a love and it is wonderful to visit them every December. Winter-sweet posting.


  8. I have only had foie gras twice in my life and it been within the past one and a half years. What a delicacy. A little goes a long way! I love how you prepared and served it.

    I am smiling at the duck family 🙂 but what I find the most precious is your holiday remembrance and candle lighting. Lovely sentiment and memories.



  9. Oh goodness! I love sweet and savory together, so this foie gras with tropical fruit sounds almost too good. Ooh, and there is something quite Christmas-like about it-yes!
    Ooh, speaking of that I need to create some ambience around here:)


  10. Your beautiful Christmas pictures have made me SO excited! This year I am spending my first Christmas in MY new house! I cannot wait to get decorating and to enjoy a beautiful, fun-filled time with my loved ones. I hope you have the merriest of Christmases!


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