Some old silver finds from brocantes which I put together and use for coffee and tea…(one of those small trophies is mine, which I received for athletics years ago…you didn’t know that!) tiny athletics trophy for a Hellebore flower..

…café crème teaspoons in a sugar bowl…

…demi tasse teaspoons in a trophy…

…coffee things in old brocante silver…

à bientôt!

from my coffee corner!

15 thoughts on “Ambiance – a coffee corner

  1. Moi j’adore voir tes petits coins personnels..
    C’est comme regarder une super édition spéciale d’un joli reportage sur la déco.

    Ton trophé est mignon comme tout..Je m’empresse d’aller voir ton dessert d’hier:)x


  2. So beautiful ! Wish I could stop by for a cup. How lovely to spend the afternoon with you ,we could paint and drink coffee.. love,Diana


  3. I love your beautiful coffee corner! My curious mind wonders what sport you excelled in? You are a woman of many talents 😉


  4. what a wonderfully refreshing and interesting post Penny.. I loved it.

    Your collection of ‘coffee’ items so ready for company or just yourselves! Great job!!!

    Mary Anne ox


  5. Love, love, love demitasse spoons and adore how you’ve shown them with sthe vintage ilver. So elegant.As a side note, I have my silver baby orange juice cup in my bathroom holding q-tips. Lots of great ways to use vintage silver.

    I have a collection of vintage demitasse spoons, some very ornate and collected by my great- aunts and engraved with the names of places they visited early in the last century- a very Victorian and noble hobby for ladies of the time. We serve demitasse coffee after dessert in pretty demitasse cups passed on a silver tray and always have pretty little silver spoons and cubes of sugar.

    J’adore this post. Bravo.


  6. Ronelle, will I ever forget the precious moments chatting with you, drinking your wonderful coffee and eating chocolates till late in the evening? Wish I was there to share another tasteful cup of coffee and girly chats!!


  7. thank you for your visits and kind comments…I appreciate every visit and comment.

    Susan, don’
    t be fooled by my pretty little trophy…it was along time ago and atheletics wasn’t/isn’/t my thing, although I love watching it. I think I’ll stick to tennis..

    Sam…I hope you do show your collection of anitque spoons…they sound beautiful(and let me know when you do, so I don’t miss it)

    ingrid…our coffee and chocolate sessions will always be precious

    thank you everybody


  8. Your coffee corner is delightful! I wish I could pop over for a cup and a chat.

    Adore you antique spoon collection.

    You are the Queen of Everything!


  9. Thank you Dana..I’m sure the future will give us the opportunity for a coffee together. the queen of everything…I sure hope not!


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