Some of our villages have some real tongue twister names here in the Correze countryside. Just because it is weekend, I’m leaving you with one or two to struggle with and see if you can figure out their pronunciation. When you’re done, put up your hand and I’ll pass on the advanced challenge..

I’m also a kind person, so to lift your spirit after all the hard work at practicing your French…a great movie with some great actors;  Julie Andrews, who will always be one of my favorites, Colin firth OF COURSE…now whose legs don’t go jello by the delicious sight of this cute man?? Mine certainly do! The only one, I have to say frankly I’m no fan of, is Jeanne Tripplehorn, but fortunately the rest of the cast makes up for her . Be warned, it is British humor and if you don’t like British… well, then rather go for Terminator!

..and on this French/British  note I wish you a very pleasant weekend, my dears…

à la prochaine fois

 from a freezing cold barn in Correze!

12 thoughts on “Ambiance – a French name or two.

  1. OMG Ronelle, four years of french and I can’t figure out any of these. It is time for a refersher course. I told you before the most I can do is read a menu!



  2. On se demande d’où ça vient ces noms, pour le moins bizarres et difficilement prononçables. Have a nice week end, it’s so cold here too.


  3. In my region, we have names like Puyallup (pron: Pew- AL-up) and Sequim (easier: Squim) and I live in Issaquah which I have to say and spell to all outlanders.

    The “Oh British” movie is by Noel Coward and called “Relative Values” in the US. I saved it on my Netflix queue as it is not available yet although it is a 2000 movie.


  4. Eileen…most imprtant thing is to be able to read a manu…after all, we must eat right?

    Meriem,,yes, I also wonder about the origin of all these names, very intriguing, world over how the names of vollages came about.

    And the same for Switzerland Rosa May..

    wow, Ann, those are surely some tongue twisters…I love languages and names in different cutltures fascinate me. and yes…Relative values is the English name for the play orginally written by Noel coward in the fifties and this film in 2000 directed by Eric Styles. Hope you get to see it soon in the US and hope too you enjoy it!


  5. With French, when in doubt I don’t pronounce 75% of the letters! Your language does love its silent sounds! Don’t know the movie at all (must keep up) but I’d walk a mile or two to see Colin Firth.


  6. Thank you for the challenge of trying to pronounce those tongue-twisters! We have many names in our state of Wisconsin that are horribly brutalized by those not familiar with them or even some natives – many are French also 🙂

    I love Colin Firth! Just saw him in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.


  7. @ Claudia: You’re right…one can feel quite safe with skipping some letters…the worst something can think is that you have a southern or nothern dialect!

    @Susan: I will have to look at some Wisconsin names…I’m always up for a language challenge.

    @Ingrid: I think you should come visit again so we can laugh together…I need laughter!

    Thanks everybody


  8. LOL – loving the french pronounciation class :)) I would love to hear your opinion on my attempts! Have been told my french pronounciation is good despite the fact that I can’t really speak the language – I just love how the words feel in my mouth. We sometimes visit a friend’s holiday house near Toulouse, near the amusingly-named village of Condom 😉


  9. My goodness, those chicken look so cute…like wearing some kind of pants! hahaha… I came to know that it has been icy cold right to the North. Some even under -52 degree. Hope you’re all well there.
    Have a lovely day!


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