I think the majority of people will never have enough storage space in the kitchen. I am no different. I’m also a firm believer of “out of sight, out of use” which means everything in my kitchen is in plain sight, ready for the taking. You can see some images of our Loire home kitchen here). But it means mean that  a lot of stuff can lie around in every nook and corner. And that of course…I hate too! It is always those small “tools” lying around in drawers that work on my nerves. So I prop them in old glass jars that I bought at the brocante, at the same time functional and nice to look at. The same goes for old apothecary jars, which I can unfortunately not show, since they are stored at the Loire house in Motlouis. They are SO beautiful!!you can see one filled with old porcelain pieces I pick up(bottom right image) These are old bonbon jars can now also be bought new, as reproductions from recycled glass, with the words engraved...bonbons, café, chocolats. Imagine how nice they would look on your shelves filled with petits gateaux over Christmas time, chocolats at Valentine or Oeufs de Pâques eggs during Easter? Any other sturdy glass jar can work too, just figure it big enough so you don’t get caught with your hand in the cookie jar!

..old glass bonbon jars and an old apothecary jar(the bottom right picture, left jar on the shelf)..

*Because it is still winter and too cold to hold a book …a movie with which you can cuddle up completely covered by blankets…Rabbit hole with Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart and directed by john Cameron Mitchell (2010). The story of a couple coming to terms with the loss of their son.

…Rabbit hole…

…bon weekend…

..from the bonbon girl..

8 thoughts on “Ambiance – Old bonbon jars.

  1. My jars are not nearly as charming as yours.
    Jacques and I loved that movie.Can’t even begin to imagine..My mom lost a child..at 5..I thought about her a lot.


  2. The best idea – I have looked at jars – but they don’t have the same charm as yours. And I worry about more clutter… but I do have all these odds and ends – which you know I need and you know I can never find when I need them.


  3. After seeing your lovely collection of jars looking so charming filled with bits & bobs !! I think I will rescue mine which are sitting on a shelf in our old barn. My husband will say I’m cluttering up the place again !! Now I remember why they’re in the barn… he was in one of his tyding up phases & getting rid of what he calls junk….


  4. What a great idea, I have several of these types of jars and use a few of them, will have to dig up the rest 🙂 And great movie choice!


  5. We just watched..Il y a longtemps que je t’aime with Kristin Scott Thomas..and Elsa Zylberstein..We both enjoyed it very much..Brilliant acting.Thought you might enjoy it..


  6. where can i purchase the reproduction of the bon bon jars that you picture?


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