I make only easy, simple and quick food. I have done the difficult, intricate thing, but now I enjoy doing relaxed cooking. This is another very simple, very versatile recipe, which I’m sure many a home has in its possession. Only the presentation differs from the one occasion to the next and the one family to the next.


  • Use any other white fish.
  • Instead of folding the pastry in rolls, fold them in triangles.
  • serve as a cold apéritif before dinner with a cold dry white wine.
  • The same recipe can be used in different ways: as a crumble with a breadcrumb, butter and oats topping and baked in the oven. OR topped with mashed potatoes and baked in the oven, OR with flour and butter and eggs added for some fish cakes…
  • Can be served small as a starter or larger as a light lunch with a big mixed salad.


Some Koi images. I’m not truly a fish person, but Koi can fascinate me with their movements, their colors and their behaviour. they really have personalities, which I didn’t believe until I saw it for myself. I have done some paintings and some studies of them, but find it very difficult…it is much easier to capture the personality of a person than a fish!


Have a great weekend!

à bientôt


14 thoughts on “Coley fish(lieu noir) in crispy filo pastry.

  1. I am also all about ease. Duck fat is very expensive here. Very! So I shall be looking at alternatives but right now they have definitely captured my fancy!


  2. I love whitefish so I am sure I could substitute. This is a great recipe, hard to find fish recipes to use as appetizers or for a light luncheon meal.



  3. I’m with you on the ease. Fancy and elaborate are fun and all but sometimes you just need to take it back a bit a do something simple.

    The recipe looks great, l love all the variations and the simplicity.

    Love the koi photos!


  4. I love fish & your recipe looks just the thing for todays lunch, so I’m off to the market.I’ts not always easy to get nice fresh fish localy with living in a country village !! hope I’m successful today. A big thank you for all the vairious suggestions.


  5. @ Rosa: Thank you!

    @ Claudia: I hope you gind duck fat…here of course, it is affordable and no household is without it.

    @ Eileen: I also enjoy fish for an appetizer, becasue it is so light before a meal…leaves that space for a good main dish and DESSERT!

    @ Holly: I’m all abouit simplicity and my mom taught me with everything…when in doubt, go for simple.

    @ To Barbara Dyke: I love it when people say “I’m off to the market”. It makes me want to get my basket too!! hope you enjoyit it and got FAR more than you intended!

    @ Sam: I couldn’t agree more…duckfat gives a wonderful flavor and for those who think it is fattening. On the contrary, it is not…of course it is be used like everything else…moderation!

    @ Barbara Weeks: He he…I’ll bet you are tasty all on your own, no need for a tasty fish dish…seriously, thank you for dropping your pens and brushes to pop in here!

    @ Lisa: Good to see you Lisa and thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks everybody!


  6. Ronelle, all I can say is that is simply looks delicious!!! Thanks for sharing! I am also not a fish person but heard that Koi fish have personalities. My aunt loves her Koi fish and they are like her children… 🙂


  7. They look and sound delicious! I’m sure any white, flaky fish would work in these. Wonderful, fresh flavors. Perhaps we need to have a roasted duck for dinner soon so I can save the duck fat 🙂


  8. Mmmm! 🙂 I wandered into here from Joey’s blog and I’m very glad I did so as I’ve had a lovely time reading all your posts and scrummy recipes and looking at your beautiful photos!
    I only came back from a holiday in France a few days ago and I already miss it, so your blog cheered me up again – thank you for that!


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