I am preparing a post on Pierrot Gourmand, our very popular and well known “clown” associated with lollipops and ‘bonbons’ here. While I am/was busy writing and making lollipops and driving everywhere to photograph Pierrot and his lollipops all over town, I ran into a book which found it’s way(all on its own, believe me) into my basket(that one that fills up far too quickly in a book store…!). Jardins a vivre, from Art et Décoration. Since my post on “cher Pierrot” is taking quite long,  I thought I would share some images of this book and of two others,  with you in the meantime. I don’t know if they are available in English, because it is books based on the magazine, Art et Décoration, a French magazine I’ve been buying for more than 16 years, on and off. Apart from my most favorite magazine Campagne Décoration, which was born in 2000 and of which I haven’t missed a single issue since 2001, Art et Décoration is the magazine I’ve been buying the longest, albeit sporadically…browse through it in the store and then decide if it has enough tips to own it. But more about Décoration Campagne later, let’s talk about Art et Décoration for now.

The latest trend for magazines is to capture their articles and particularly the images into hard bound  pretty coffee table books. Art et Décoration did exactly that. Very nice books to browse, have on your coffee table or fall asleep with!

So, let’s indulge in some of the magnificent images from the three following books:

1. Jardins à vivre;  Karine Villame, Collectif; Massin

..a rustic shower by the pool..

crédits photograpiques: B. Boigontier

…a rustic garden gate…

crédits photographiques: A Réty

..a water feature with an oeil de boeuf..

crédits photographiques: P. Smith


Recevoir; Art et decoration; Massin

…entertaining in the garden under the “tonnelle”…

Crédites photographiques: B. boigontier.

…open kitchen with a “piano  La Cornue“…

Crédits photographiques: B. Boigontier

…entertaining on the terrace…

Crédit photographique: B. Boigontier


Maisons de famille,  Karine Lalbatry; Massin

I love the chapter on the “marquises” over the doors. Just a little protection from the rain without having a whole veranda or entrance.

crédit photographique : O. Hallot

..bathroom with “paniers” for storage…

crédit photographique: C Erwin

..simply decorated bedroom with clean lines…

crédit photographique: P. Binet

…courtyard with old stables turned into bedrooms…

crédit photographique: P. Smith


I hope you enjoyed this short tour with me.

Other books from Art et décoration:

*Recup & brocante; Karine Villame, Collectif; Massin.

*Maisons de Provence; Art et Decoration; Massin

Until we meet next time with a succette(lollipop) and Pierrot Gourmand!


15 thoughts on “Ambiance – Art et Décoration magazines and books.

  1. I too love these French magazines. Now that the ‘Super-marches’ have a news stand with lots of choice in French & English, I spend quite sometime browzing through them, one day someone is going to tap me on the shoulder & make me but them all !!!


  2. They are just brimming over with warmth and goodness. I wish I could transform My American suburban lot….


  3. @ rosa: Me too, those interiors are beautiful…all of them!

    @ Barbara: I envy you…here in the countryside we still only get French, but there are such great ones…I am quite happy!

    @ Gloria: Oh I really enjoy this magazine…it is so full of ideas and tips and DIY plans, ideas, tips..really great.

    @ Sarah and Malcolm(island store): Yes, I know that feeling, I have it too!! YEs, they can all can be bought on Amazon.fr.

    @ Claudia…that is the right expression, warmth and goodness.

    @ Holly: Isn’t that so true…I don’t know a single woman(or man) who doesn’t want a nice big kitchen! And Pierrot will be on the “shelf” soon.

    Sam: I know you love all things French and I’m sure you CAN read a lot of it!
    thanks you everybody!


  4. Gorgeous photos! I can see why you love this magazine. I think you could work for them 🙂 Looking forward to your post on Monsieur Lollipops!


  5. @ Karen: Thank you!

    @ Rita: Thanks..such a nice word, enchanting…I should use it more.

    @ Susan: He he…thanks…I would be fired within 24 hours!
    M Pierrot will arrive soon, if I can only refrain from eating the lollipops and finish my work!
    Thanks everybody.


  6. Ooooh, I sooo love every single photo! Thanks so much for this generous sharing. 🙂 Hmmmm… now, ahem, if you’d please excuse me, I have some gardening and decorating to do! 😉 Hehe…. seriously, thanks! 🙂


  7. I am just back from England (wonderful time!) and catching up on blogs. This post speaks to my heart! Thank you, Ronelle. 🙂


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