Easter  is spring time. Or spring is Eastertime.Whichever way, that is of course for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. Down south everybody is preparing for winter with their days beautiful and lazy with fall colors entering the scene.

Because I am so busy in the garden(every minute the skies give me a chance!) I don’t get to the stove much, and when I pass the stove per chance, I am too tired to the bone to cook and bake….so….. I am re-posting this delicious little cake from a past post; Lemon cake and writing our stories. I might just make a stop with my tired bones next to the oven and put it together for us too on Sunday afternoon to enjoy with English tea! I have never come across someone who didn’t fall in love with it right after that first bite..and just look at the recipe down below.. really….this is as easy(yet delicious) as it gets!

lemon cake

Lemon cake recipe

Pincée de sel:

  • Use freshly squeezed orange juice instead of lemon juice.
  • Add some grated lemon/orange rind to the mixture.
  • Top with some icing sugar of your choice, or serve without. I prefer without, since icing sugar makes it too sweet for me.
  • Decorate with fresh edible flowers.
  • The cake is even more flavorful the next day.
  • Use for dessert: break into pieces and serve, topped with strawberries, whipped cream and a berry coulis, OR serve with warm caramelized peaches and crème frâiche.

Here at Coin Perdu, I am fervently planting and digging and dividing,  as much as my arm allows, that is. It is just wonderful to be back in the garden. The rains are still coming down very regularly, but the moment it stops, I charge outside to do a little something. A new garden is such hard work, especially in the preparation thereof, because planting in bad soil makes for even harder work the next season! It might look like nothing at the moment, BUT in a few weeks…!

..passion fruit juice for our break…

printemps 4 3324x2642

..mon cheri preparing the potager for me..along with his very willing assistants..

printemps 3 4928x3264

..early morning by the potager and the mist slowly lifting..while I slowly sip my coffee…oh, that first morning coffee..sooo good..mince!

printemps 20 3655x2738

..when taking a pause the chickens are there to “pause” along – this day I had un fraisier(strawberry cake) which I shared with them(of course!) and they loved every morsel! for the rest of the time, they scuffle around my feet in the soil, just coming up for some air every now and then..!

printemps coll 5120x4096

..still a lot to be done: the dalles(paving stones) must be laid on the terrace and partly into the lawn at the bottom, the wrought iron pergola must be constructed for the white glycine(wisteria), a stone bench under the small window. To the right I have planted kitchen herbs which I hope will grow under the walnut tree, since not many things grow under a walnut…

printemps 14 3758x3055

..eh bah voila..there you are, mon café..!

printemps 19 2787x3809

..my tulips are slow in the rising, but they are coming on steady..pretty soon they will be spectacular in their show off! I am so chuffed, because all my  bulbs I brought back from Amsterdam, (see post here) is pushing through, except for 3 Allium bulbs I lost to mischievous rabbits.. 

printemps 26 3264x4928

..a lot of planting still awaits me – 60 lavenders, (lavande angustifolia, lavande intermedia, white lavenders) 20 santolinas, agapanthus, cistes,  4 olive trees, 6 Cypres de Provence,  buddleias, kniphofias, ceaonothe de Versailles,  100 Siberian irises, then a lot of Iberis, Eryngiums, ficoides…

printemps coll é 3698x5120

..In between all the pathways and staircases and dry hot corners, I stick in some thym serpolet and  succulents like the ever popular sedums, sempervivums and jovibarbas, which grow beautifully in all those sunny spots…

printemps coll 2 5120x4096

* I am working on a series on tartes, tourtes, quiches et cakes, which I will combine with some table setting in white with silver, yellow with pottery, red with vintage and blue with rustic.

*So stick around..if I can just get my act togehter and organise my organising better..i will be back soon with the series on tartes, tourtes, quiches et cakes,

Joyeux Paques

et à bientôt!


9 thoughts on “Lemon cake… and an Easter spring is in the air.

  1. Oh Ronelle..It will be absolutely beautiful..So French ..so gorgeous..not flamboyant and ostentatious..Just so beautiful..
    Love everything you do..
    What a darling husband:)

    Jacques has always been dear to me too..We just aren’t in the let’s plant new stuff mode anymore..
    To every thing there is a Season:)..N’est-ce pas..?
    I see such a canvas there ..it will be filled with beauty..
    Tes poules:) And that horse:)
    The stone..the sedums..look at me forgetting about the cake!
    Happy Easter..
    C’est le bonheur chez vous:)

    Moi j’aurai 6 lutins pour la chasse aux oeufs..dans la neige..et la boue..car c’est la fonte maintenant~
    I received the most beautiful Blue Hydrangea in a tin pail:) From Nancy..pretty enough to paint..If I was an artist:)


  2. Lemon cake, Yum! This is going to be a fantastic garden, wish I had the room. I just put in some of my veggies today, cool crop seeds.



  3. I will be so lovely, Ronelle. How I would love to start over with a blank palett. My garden needs an overhaul! I can’t wait to have tired bones also 🙂 I can’t wait to see your garden when it’s grown.


  4. Happy Easter, Ronelle, Your garden will be absolutely beautiful when it is finished. You will then be able to sit and enjoy a piece of your lemon cake in your lovely surroundings.


  5. Ai Ronelle, elke foto is so mooi en drink ek dit net in….! Julle het al so baie gevorder met alles en lyk dit elke keer net beter en beter…of sal ek sê ‘stunning!!’


  6. thank you for stopping by, for the lovely comments and chats and the emails and photos some of you sent..I received them all and enjoyed them..still do!


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