It is weekend..almost. Time for winding down, letting go, stretching out the body and mind, reading that book you only get to read on weekends, riding that bike you only get to ride on Sundays, visit with friends you only get to do on Saturdays. It is time to do some cooking and fiddling in the kitchen, try new recipes, indulge in trusted ones and most of all…it is time to flirt with the markets and grab up the in season products; plump, healthy and inviting. Like tomatoes of all kinds. Coming into season in September…here in Feance in any case. And elsewhere…maybe the strawberries are rocking in?

You have to love seasonal. You have to love tomatoes. And don’t you just love a weekend?

Have a good weekend!

…tomato mozzarella salad…

tomato mozzarella salad

From Ice cream versus salad:  *make a tomato mozzarella salad, using nice small vine tomatoes, some buffalo mozzarella torn into bite size pieces… stuff some in your mouth while you’re at it. Tear some basil leaves and lastly, sprinkle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and mill some fresh pepper and then add a sprinkling of finely chopped sun dried tomatoes.To finish off, mix gently with your hands and then lick off those fingers, serve on a pretty plate and enjoy with crusty bread.

tomato mozz salad 2tomato basket

…friday sunset…

Friday sunset

9 thoughts on “Tomato salad on Friday.

  1. I am so happy I have you on my blogroll..I don’t like that word..but I am happy you are there.. then I never miss a visit.
    Your posts just make me happy.The watercolors.. the’s the perfect mélange of something so unique.
    Thank you.


  2. To me this is like food porn…it awakens all kinds or desires in me….all food related luckily!!! Have a good weekend!!!


  3. Honestly, nothing better to eat in all the world than this…right here, right now, even for breakfast.


  4. I love simple yet so delicious salads as this one,…enjoyed in good company & with a glass of fine wine!


  5. It sounds delicious – as well as the watercolours. I usually make a similar salad, but I replace the mozzarella with Greek Feta cheese and the basil with oregano. Very good too!


  6. Look at the colour of those properly ripe tomatoes! To gorgeous – this salad is summer on a plate…


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