I love Lemon verbena…it dries beautifully, it makes a refreshing infusion, it adds zest to a cabinet, a room…and makes an elegant  ice cream. And whichever season you’re in, an ice cream is always a good ending to a meal.


  • Use lavender flowers or other dried herbs that you like instead of the lemon verbena.
  • If you want a lighter ice cream, use only milk instead of the cream. \For an even creamier version, substitute 1 cup of cream for one cup of crème fraiche.
  • If you’re afraid of curdling the cream when heating, heat up only the milk and add the cream later.


One thing I am finicky about in my home, is clothes hangers.  I normally use wooden hangers, which are quite expensive for all our clothes.  And I don’t really like thickly covered hangers. And I don’t like plastic hangers. And here at Coin Perdu, while we are still living in the barn, wooden hangers feel too extravagant. Since Hartman’s shirts are being ironed professionally, I have loads of wire clothes hangers, which I return, but there are always a few lying around. and while we were around the barbeque fire one evening, an idea was born to cover these wire hangers with some strips of torn fabric.  I’m highly excited about my clothes hangers and have decided that they will just move into my clothes closet once our house is finished! not to mention my excitement about recycling, saving on money and being a wise consumer!

I used:

  • Wire coat hangers.
  • Old pieces of cotton fabric, cut/torn into strips of  roughly 4 cm wide and about 150 cm long, although the length is not such an issue, since one can just start off with a new strip if you run out of fabric on a hanger. I used off cuts of toile de jouy fabric in shades of beiges and whites. I used cotton which is easy to use and to manipulate around the hanger. the thicker your fabric the more difficult it becomes. If you want a thicker covering, make your strips a bit wider, or wind closer together.
  • I also tore my pieces of fabric so the edges are quite rough, giving nice texture to the hangers. I like the frayed edges and pieces of thread escaping wildly here and there. (See photo above)

Start at the top of the hook of the hanger and let a longish piece of your strip hang down to the middle(where you will tie the two strips together at the end.)

  • With your long strip, start winding down the hook to the middle, making sure you capture well around the sharp point of the handle.
  • If you run out of fabric halfway through a hanger, simply finish off tightly and start with a new strip of the same fabric, working forward and then a bit backward(like backstitching) and then continue. Both the end of the old strip and start of the new strip are now “buried” under the new strip.
  • Make sure to make your windings tight. (See image above)
  • When you have gone right around the hanger, you will end back at the middle, where your short piece of fabric strip is hanging.
  • Tie the two strips together into a tight knot and let the strips hang down like a ribbon/bow.
  • You can finish off the two strips by simply leaving them tied in a knot (like I did), OR work some ribbons or buttons or and other decoration of your choice.

…et voilà..a facelift for some ugly ole wire hangers!…

21 thoughts on “Lemon verbena ice cream..and those ugly clothes hangers.

  1. Dear Ronelle
    I have never made ice cream and I am definitely going to try your recipe! It looks refreshing and delicious!
    Oh wow…those hangers look amazing, what a lovely idea! I always throw them away but now I will dolly them up! 🙂


  2. Only you:)

    the ice cream looks so fresh! I just took a photo of an apron hanging on my lilac tree..these remind me of that..
    Such pretty things Ronelle.So you.


  3. Bonjour Ronelle – your hangers are so whimsical – I would call them the shabby chic of the wardrobe – I’m thinking of all the left over fabrics and ribbons I could use.
    Your ice-cream sounds delish! I thing I will try the lavender!


  4. I used to make homeade ice cream many years ago. The children always loved to watch it being made.

    Wonderful idea for wire hangers.



  5. How nice, and those photos are so dreamy, especially those with the lacy hangers. Now imagine living in a barn in France! Surely that is everybody’s dream! Thank you for the lovely recipe too, Ronelle!


  6. Now I want to stop working in the studio and run get some wire hangers to wrap with pretty fabric strips. They would make lovely hostess gifts! The white hangers that come from the cleaners in my husband’s shirts are quite flimsy so I will try wrapping 2 together as one in order to make the hanger more sturdy. Great idea!


  7. Lemon verbena is my favorite herb and i am so happy you provided this recipe, which I will soon try. All my lemon verbenas have just recently leafed out and I will wait a few more days before my first harvest. I also use the new leaves (cut finely) as an addition to my lemon pepper and lemon salt. Lovely.

    Thanks for stopping by my new posting…I’m sure you meant your comment for me though you referred to me as Susan…so if it was for me, Hurrah! If not, you’d better redirect.

    All spring joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


  8. I would even buy fabric to make those beautiful hangars!

    I think a trip to the nursery is in order to buy some lemon verbena for my summer herb garden. You ice cream recipe sound wonderful!


  9. You are brilliant! And in so many ways!!! Who would not love to taste that ice cream or use those hangers. Once again, I could not be more impressed. (The photographs!!!Magnificent.)


  10. I was here the other day when Blogger was having trouble, so I couldn’t leave a comment. Your ice cream is gorgeous Ronelle and I love your chic hangers. Your photos, as always, are incredible.


  11. We skipped spring and went straight to summer so have been gazing adoringly at the refreshing lemon verbena ice cream. Your hangers are too much fun – I just toss the wire hangers when they come home from the dry cleaner or ask them not to send them home! (And I’m usually manic about recycling – but so far – you cannot recycle wire hangers – nor can you return them to the dry cleaners which doesn’t make sense.)


  12. HI Ronell – love your polka dot glass. I have a lemon verbena plant but only use the leaves to enhance my rose flower arrangements. Smells wonderful – rose + lemon. But you have inspired me to think of more uses for that plant.
    Your hangers are just darling! You are so creative.


  13. Love the facelift for those ugly wire hangers! My friend Lyzou who is Parisian used to dazzle me with her imaginative use of her wardrobe every season; verbena is a lovely herb and we have a huge bush in the mountain house that I used for tisane and in sauces; next time, I will infuse some ice-cream with it!


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