My courgette is taking over my potager here at Coin Perdu…beautiful and healthy with enormous bright green leaves and underneath those cheeky yellow flowers peeking through. The male flowers are starting to fall of and I’m picking them up and drying them to use as dried flowers for sprinkling over my salads…my latest craze; if you keep still long enough, I sprinkle you with dried flowers

The female courgettes are the only ones carrying fruit and I’ve picked some of both to stuff with a crab filling. Both male and female flowers are edible. If ever you can get hold of some courgette flowers…they are absolutely divine, from another world and savored slowly and deliberately…well, I’m a lady, I can’t say what I really think, but you’ll know what I mean when once you’ve enjoyed one!


  • Serve the flowers stuffed, without steaming.
  • OR make a batter of some flour and add some fizzy water, mix until a thick cream . Dip the courgette flowers wth filling into the batter until coated and deep fry quickly, one by one, turning each once once. Remove, drain and serve sprinkled with fleur de sel and a few drops of lemon juice, or a light yoghurt/mint sauce (natural yoghurt, chopped mint, seasoning, lemon juice..)Make your own filling by choosing ingredients you like and by mixing flavor which compliment each other. Keep it light.
  • Serve on a bed of mixed salad leaves with a vinaigrette.


Myfenchkitchen is off to Provence for a week of painting with 3 artist buddies. We’ll be staying in the Vaucluse home of well known painter of Postcards from Provence, Julian Merrow Smith and his wife Ruth Philips, while they will be in England where Ruth will be playing cello at the Garsington festival. We even have our own blog, Four go painting in Provence and you’re invited to follow us every step of the way on this trip if you’re interested in seeing all our adventures…which of course will be mostly painting…and eating…and painting again…and then visiting the markets and painting them …and eating…and having some wine perhaps and eating again… or is it painting…in any case, a lot of everything! you can read a little more on my art blog too: Africantapestry is off to Provence for a crazy painting experience!

I’m leaving on Sunday for a week..the other three artist buddies, Katherine, Sarah and Robyn will be there for 3 weeks. unfortunately I have some exciting obligations to tend to here at Coin Perdu, which I’ll share with you once I’m back! So don’t go away…keep well and in the meantime…keep those pots sizzling!

à bientôt!


16 thoughts on “Stuffed courgette flowers..and painting in Provence.

  1. Dear Ronelle
    I have never ever eaten courgette flowers! It looks so fresh and I would love to try them stuffed with crab meat. Everything in your garden looks so fresh! I love the green and orange-yellow colors! Your photo of the stuffed courgette flower is stunning! Lovely colors! Enjoy your trip to Provence! I will be following every step on your blog!


  2. I have only had them a few times..stuffed with cheese and fried and then slated..a feast to say the least..Yours aquarelle and in photos are so tantalizing..
    Again I wish you a very very happy time in Provence..and an exciting return home..

    Avec du crabe..yum yum..


  3. A wonderful dish! I really have to try cooking with courgette flowers…

    A lovely painting! Have fun in Provence.




  4. I loved growing zucchini but sadly had to give it up. Not having a large enough space for them they would spread over the lawn and then kill the grass underneath. My husband was not happy! I made cheese-stuffed fried blossoms once and they were wonderful!

    Enjoy your time painting in Provence! Love your self portrait 🙂


  5. Hi Ronelle,

    I would love the crabmeat concoction but I am not sure I would eat it in a zucchini blossom. It’s just me, I grow flowers but do not eat them, knowing that there are lots of edible flowers. Have a great trip!



  6. Hello and how wonderful, Ronelle! Have stuffed with avocado but never crab. Can I make it over for a taste before you leave 🙂 But then I would so love to be a mouse and join you on your journey. Have fun (without me).


  7. Hi , I have never seen a more beautiful zucchini blossom! You remind me again, why I garden and just how amazing the array of things we grow and eat are! I am going to start calling by courgette, it’s much prettier!


  8. what a lovely inspiring post with beautiful images and excitement!! enjoy Provence- looking forward to follow your journey there. xx Afrique du Sud


  9. I have had the blossoms in the way Monique describes their preparation. Delicious. Enjoy your week of painting…can’t wait to check out your blog while you are there.


  10. I always wonder why I left France for the US when I come here; the thought of spending time in Provence painting with some friendly folks sounds heavenly. Love these zucchini flowers, we had hundreds of them last summer and this will give me yet a new stuffing idea!


  11. My dear Ronelle,

    They’re elegant favorites…ah, the pleasure s of the garden.

    I will follow you while painting if possible, it can be my dream adventure as I work here with drawings and paintings strewn everywhere.

    Your new and exciting venture? Can’t wait to hear about it.

    Sending a pocketful of joy to you,



  12. Your photos, paintings, recipes, all of it is so amazing and inspiring! I love the site and all the ways your creativity takes root! Thanks for the share. 🙂


  13. Stuffed zucchini flowers are a summertime favorite with me. But that artist’s getaway sounds even more intriguing. What fun. How lovely to see that adorable painting too.


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