I’ve been back from Provence for some time,  but very busy at my gallery(which I’ll talk about in a next post).

I’ve suddenly come down with a terrible gastro and I’ve been like a limp fish the last two days. but I need to get up an just move a little, so I thought it good to recall some moments from my painting trip.

I can’t face food at the  moment, but I can show you the lovely desserts we had at Le vieux Four, in Crillon le Brave.

…apricot soup…

…French cheesecake with red berry coulis…

…red fruit sorbets…

More photos can be seen here in my gallery, Beauty of la France and  Paintings can be found  on Africantapestry…posts More paintings from Provence, Paintings from Provence and Two oil paintings and a gouache.

Our home away from home…the lovely home of artist, Julian Merrow Smith from Postcard from Provence.

…the view on Mont Ventoux  from my room

...early mornings in pj’s around painting, coffee and croissants…

…my afternoon painting in progress…

Sarah’s early morning oil painting in progress…

Robyn’s watercolor in progress…

Katherine’s pencils…

..a gathering of Provenceaux in Bédoin…

…when the market is quiet…

…Pizza anyone?…

…The closest I got to lavender…

…au revoir et à bientôt!…

25 thoughts on “Desserts and moments from Provence.

  1. Oh how a morning in pyjamas in Provence sounds heavenly!Thank you!

    Love all the pics..

    Take care..get well soon!

    J’adore le p’tit camion!

    Les oeuvres sont si belles! Bravo tout le monde.


  2. So happy that you had a great visit in Provence – lovely images and paintings! thank you for sharing. hope you feel better real soon and looking forward to hear about your gallery! much love Colette ~ Afrique du Sud


  3. Oh those desserts all look so delicious, I cant decide which one i like more. All of your pieces look wonderful in their own different way. Isn’t it amazing how we can see things differently. hope you feel better soon.


  4. My son and family are in Provence as I write….eating their way from one village to the next! They are almost experts in Provencal Cuisine!!! The fun part is they, too, take photographs and send to me! Love them for it. Now you can do some watercolor sketches of the fabulous desserts and sell them in your gallery…amazing how one luscious dessert can end up in a gallery, then in a home! Take care and feel better soon.


  5. There’s just no place quite like Provence and you’ve captured it beautifully. The light there is so special and the scenery so magnificent that it makes one finally understand Van Gogh’s paintings.

    Sorry you’re under the weather and I hope you’re feeling better soon. Lovely dessert, so refreshing.


  6. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! I loooove all of them! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Oh, so sorry you’re not feeling well. 😦 Please feel better… can’t wait for the next post! 🙂


  7. Hope you are feeling better Ronelle, thank you for sharing your lovely paintings and trip. How I wish I were there. The desserts look divine too! so glad you had a wonderful time.love,Diana


  8. Ronelle,

    The desserts look delicious! I love the fact that you included your paintings and shots of the french countryside what a treat.



  9. In my second life I’ve love to come back as a painter in La Belle France! Oh my, what wonderful photos. Dessert is as beautiful as the surroundings.


  10. Do be well very soon. Feeling peckish is nothing to ignore, but the desserts look luscious. For some reason, nothing that isn’t fruit is very satisfying in summer. Our peaches and strawberries are just wonderful this year in the south of Mississippi, U.S.A. Take care.


  11. How delightful/charming/mouth-watering … Amazing talent … stunning piece of earth. A bit of a crazy summer but as always, a joy to visit. Summer hugs.


  12. I love everything in this post. It is all so, so beautiful – the art, the food, the scenery. I can smell and taste the goodness of it all, your photos are so real!

    I hope you are feeling better!! Too many desserts, perhaps? 😀



  13. So sorry that you are not feeling well, but looks like a beautiful trip 🙂


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