This is a very popular recipe from “Winning recipes from Huisgenoot wenresepte” a great south African recipe book. I can’t imagine a south African household without this recipe. I make it only at end of the year as a dip with some warm cocktail sausages or some shaved green beans, since it is a bit too sweet for me to use with a meal. It is very quick and easy and ideal for that last minute “bring something to eat along”. Even the French, who guard their mustard with sacré dignité, stumble over their principles for more than one dip into the sweet mustard bowl! Hope you enjoy it.


  • Be sure to use white vinegar, or else the mustard sauce will be coloured an unappetizing dark colour.
  • Serve as a dip with warm cocktail sausages, or cold slices of meat or add to sliced green beans as an accompaniment.

…and some last days of 2011

Before I get into the stream of the new year’s living…I greet you with a last view on the end of the 2011. (Don’t worry, this will be the last post about ME!!)

I promise the next posts will not be about me but be more exciting for you all…some book researches, some give-aways, some restaurant reviews, some courses, some kitchen stories, some tips and tools, some new foods on the market, some how-to’s, some travel stories around food, some visits to French homes, some visits to boulangeries and bucheries and chocolateries…and more!

But for now…saying goodbye to 2011 with images of time spent STILL at coin Perdu..

..gathering moss for our Christmas eve dinner with my daughter’s mate, Sponge Bob tagging along…

..some tête de moine cheese..?

…and enjoying some champagne and oysters on our walks in the forest..

..oysters with a mango vinaigrette..

..a set table for Christmas eve- resembling our forest with its owls and birds and wild heather, moss..

..a courgette and smoked espuma as amuse bouche for Christmas eve.. day table resmebled the stream running through our forest, with pebbles, the ever present owls, some winter snow, ice crystals hanging from branches, birds and the silver stream with the moonlight reflecting by means of tiny tealights and candles..

…grey moss and stars surrounding the moon and stream and pebbles…can you hear the water trickling..?

…and Sponge Bob brought along some sparkles for our starter of scallops with a parsley sauce and chanterelles mushrooms…!

..reveling in the colours and moons of Jupiter..

..a winter ascending moon and evening star at twilight(Venus)..

..and of course sun sleeping…!

..lots of riding..

..some whispering..

..and trotting..

..early morning training..

..isn’t this beautiful…man and his horse..?

..moving as one..

May we all ride into this new year as one with our dreams and ideals, our goals, our principles, beliefs and hopes..

à bientôt!


22 thoughts on “A sweet mustard sauce…and the end of 2011.

  1. What a beautiful post, wishing I was there, enjoying the holiday at your table. We raised horses for years, wonderful days of riding over the green hills , Happy New Year!


  2. Everything is beautiful..EVERYTHING..Oh you must have enjoyed yourselves so much..

    This looks like snippets from french movies I adore..the table settings are so photogenic!!!
    That mustard sauce..:) Very similar one I ahve from an 80 yr old woman 20 yrs ago:) She called it her boiled dreeing..for potato salads etc..I think I will try yours soon..I love the Tete De Moine cheese..particularly because of the little tool and the curls:)

    Hope to see you all year..Happiness to you~


  3. Stunning! Simply stunning! You set such a beautiful table (not to mention the food and the dining in the woods). Of course I love the shots of the horses. Happy New Year to you and your family!


  4. Please continue to talke about yourself!!! I certainly enjoy hearing
    about you as well as your scrumptious recipes and homes.


  5. Ah dear and creative Ronelle, you create beauty effortlessly, the way a wet and warm spring brings life to a meadow.

    Happy 2012! I always try to dip into your words and photos. So lovely.



  6. Asemrowende mooi foto’s Ronelle! Elke “loer” in jou kersvierings spesiaal, en tydskrifmooi! Kannie wag om perde- maats te ontmoet nie, en sulke kreatiewe tafels…mmm sien uit na die groot viering van die jaar se prentjies! En ook die nuwe aanslag wat jy gaan deel in jou blog die jaar, maar jy hoef nooit op te hou om van jouself te deel nie….doe so voort! Baie liefde Colette x


  7. You say that the coming year will feature less of you. Ah, Ronnell! ..What your readers come here for “is” you! The way you spin your stories, whether about country markets or muddy tramps to the barn or impromptu picnics in a meadow .all bear the stamp of your life as you record it.
    And I hope that this life and its record will continue for many years.
    Bonne annee!


  8. Ronelle, I love mustards so I am sure this one is delicious. The horses are beautiful and your Christmas decor lovely. I pay so much here to orderr moss and you just step outside your door!



  9. A champagne and oyster picnic….ooh, la, la. Love all of your photos Ronelle. I’ve always wanted to make my own mustard sauce, but never had a recipe. Thanks to you, I have one and will definitely put in on my menu.

    Bonne annee to you.


  10. I so enjoyed these last two posts with beautiful glimpses of the French countryside and your Coin Perdu. I grew up with horses and a menagerie of animals as a young girl so they are near and dear to my heart (even though I wore casts on two broken arms after falling off my horse at age 11). I love the way you collect moss in the forest 🙂 Lovely tables, Ronelle! A happy and healthy 2012 to you and your family!


  11. sO VERY beautiful Ronelle, Yes more about you please! Love the moss gathering , is that a yearly tradition.. how lovely, you should write decorating books Ronelle, you have such talent and flair. thanks for sharing! happy new year. love,Diana


  12. What beautiful, creative table tops!
    And……that is a gorgeous horse. Is it some kind of draft horse, or a Haflinger?
    He looks really large and sturdy and such a beautiful color.


  13. Ronelle, are the horses yours?

    As for beet pulp…You can get it shredded or in pellet form, with or without molasses. I get the pellet form without mol. and soak it so it fluffs up. (in the morning I soak it for the evening and in the evening I soak it for the morning). Then I mix 1-2 cups of it with the horses grain. (To prepare it, I put 1 cup of the pellets in a container and cover them with an inch of water. It produces enough for three horses). They get it everyday. It is good for digestion, full of nutrients, gives them a beautiful coat and when fed in a higher volume can put weight on them.


  14. Thank you Claudia!

    Hi Lori…yes, they are ours…Gaitchi and Gubi.
    I’m very interested in the beet pulp…I haven’t seen it here in France, maybe I can find it onlie. Our two feed on hay and two(in winter) additonal meals of pellets and then we add some molasses to their two meals, for some energy etc. but I really do like your beet pulp for the digestion etc…will look for it on internet…thanks for the info. your horses are so beautiful. We absolutely adore these two, well …all of our animals actually! thanks again!


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