Armed with my camera and macro lens, my boots and hat, I headed for the woods.


But…champignons of course!! favorite hat..

Note: I’m not a mushroom expert, except when it comes to eating them, in which case I do have a strong opinion. So I may be wrong in my classification of these mushrooms. It is very difficult to identify them, since some are so close in appearance and character. See the end of the post for the sources I tapped into. The photos are of course my own.

..Entoloma lividum toxic, under leaves

.. Hypholoma fasciculare – a poisonous mushroom, very common, grows on dead wood..

..Polypore feutré (Inonotus cuticularis)– a parasite that live on the damaged parts of live trees..

..armillaria gallica – toxic, grows on dead branches and leaves

..dacrymyces microsporus -grows on dead branches and tree trunks..

..Clavaire etroite – common on dead leaves and rotting wood..

..Russules Maculée – common under leaves on alcalic soil..


I will soon  have to go back into the woods, because I haven’ captured even half of what is still out there; And some of my photos didn’t turn out good enough which I’ll have to redo. So, until such time…

♥ don’t eat mushrooms which haven’t been identified by an expert..

♥ keep unidentified mushrooms apart for the others..

♥ clean your hands after touching a strange mushroom..

♥ don’t forget your camera..

à bientôt!


7 thoughts on “Ambiance – Champignons d’Octobre.

  1. Les russules look like sea coral..we were st the market today..the mushrooms stole the show..there were even light pink ones..all were beautiful to me..your post is so time appropriate for me..and one of my daughters is making a porkloin with a mushroom sauce ce soir-
    Lovely Ronelle.x


  2. How beautiful all of them are! I don’t think I’d feel comfortable eating any mushroom I would find but I love looking at them. What a variety you have growing there.


  3. You have a beautiful site. All your images are lovely…I love visiting. I love your hat…gorgeous photography. It has been a joy visiting! Blessings, Catherine


  4. Thank you everybody!

    @ Monique: here too..mushrooms all over, we talk and eat only mushrooms!

    @ Jeanne: I’m sure you already went mushroom is nice of course doing it with friends, trying to be the first to see a mushroom.

    @ Hannah: the woodlands are always magical..

    @ Susan: I too, don’t eat just any mushroom..some are really a bit gluey..

    @ rosa: I can imagine the Oberland having plenty.;

    @ Catherine: Thenak you for your lovely comment…yes, my great hat, hehe!



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