Quinces are bistro food…either in the form of jams and jellies or simmering on the stove for a compote or in the oven as a side dish. In season, freshly picked from the garden, on the market, they are on all the bistro menus for as long as the season lasts. And a crumble says it all. Comfort, warmth, flavor, senses, laughter, friends, cosiness, delicious.. a few words to capture a quince…and  a bistrot.

Une pincée de fleur de sel:

  • Boil the seeds and inner core along with the dice of quince – it flavors the mixture ant thickens the syrup.
  • Replace the ginger with cinnamon if you don’t like ginger.
  • Make smaller ramequins of crumble and serve as part of a plate of three dessert.
  • Use apple with quince.

..whipped cream, slice of orange and a ramequin of crumble..


..Bistro flavor..

Life is a ratatouille, a blanquette, a bourguignon. It is a tartelette, a crumble, a millefeuille… life is a bistrot. No Michelin star restaurant, or any well known chef or trendy novelty or brocante can capture French life like le bistro. It is the place  we  go for our lunch or dinner because it feels like home. It is the place we go for our café, because that is where our friends are.

..bistrot at Coin Perdu..

We depend on the chef of le bistro to entice us with le plat du jour, or better yet, le menu du jour, where we sit back with a carafe of house wine and wait for our entrée et plat, or plat et dessert. The menu for the day mostly consists of either a starter and main course OR main course and dessert. Of course written on the blackboard, since the menu of the day follows the season! So never trust a bistrot without a blackboard!

.. plat du jour at Coin Perdu…

Bistrot life is just in my blood I guess. I love my coffee and croissant. Freshly squeezed orange juice. Pierrot gourmand. I love the simple French home kitchen where life is about family, friends and food. Around a bistrot table, discussion is always about the food. Of course other subjects are touched, but the food is always an obvious point of discussion…”is it delicious, or not so good today? Too much salt on the salmon? Too little butter in the sauce? Is the housewine good with the bourguignon? Is this year’s November Beaujolais better than last year..?”

..also called café des artistes..

I love the typically bistrot serviette, which speaks of the simplicity, but warmth of the French home kitchen. Simplicity doesn’t mean uninteresting or plain or boring, on the contrary. The French kitchen is filled with the exiting freshness of each season, whether it is in setting the table or making a soup or serving a Paris-brest. Frou-frou is left to the stage at Moulin rouge..in the bistro kitchen the soul is naked and simple..honest and true.

..des serviettes de mon bistrot..

I love La place, where a bistrot is always nestled between tables and chairs, people and fountains, pigeons and dogs of all colors. It is a place where the placid passing by of the morning makes way for the clutter of knives and forks, the clinking of glasses and loud chatter of happy eaters at midday.

..and outside we’ll find la place du café..

Some of my most favorite Bistrot books, which I know almost by heart from reading them again and again. They can be found on amazon.fr.

..Esprit bistrot..

..”Lotte de Bretagne piquée au chorizo, risotto façon paella”-Bruno Doucet à La Regalade

et bistro L’Ami Jean..

(photographe: Denys Clément

..Bistrots de chefs à Paris..

..Cyril Bourlois – bistrot  Aux vieux comptoir..

(photographe: Gérard Cambon)

..Simplement bistrot- Yves Camdeborde..

..La tarte fine aux pommes – Yves Camdeborde

..Bistrot; autour et avec les recettes du Paul Bert – Bertrand Auboyneau et François Siumon..

..l’cailler du bistrot et une serveuse..

(photographe:Christian Sarramon)

..Un café à la campagne – Christophe Lefébure..

(photogrape: Yves Duronsoy)

..to the left: Chez Baudy à Giverny, where American artists gathered at the turn of the XIX and XXth centuriesto be in the presence of Monet..and ancient cafés to the right..

9 thoughts on “Quince crumble with orange and ginger..and bistrot flavor.

  1. That book must be really interesting. I love bistrot food.

    Your crumble is amazing! What a great combination of flavors.




  2. Just the word ‘Bistro’ for me, conjures up great food. Simple but tasty. Love your Bistro corner in Le Coin Perdu. Can I book lunch for 2…..please….any day….


  3. I just pinned a few pics:) All of your place:) I saw des coings at the market..I should have bought some..never thought of a crumble:)
    A famous French QC chef..artiste ..I am almost certain she featured the chef on the cover page of that book..Yves..
    Oui..c’est chez toi..qui m’attire le plus.Sans question.


  4. Skies vir my Afrikaans Ronelle…maar ek kan dit nie so goed in Engels sê nie. Maak nie saak wat jy afneem of maak nie dit lyk altyd so goed! Of jy nou n paar lepels op n hopie servette afneem en of jy nou kos in n bordjie afneem…dit is tydskrif gehalte!!


  5. I too love bistro food. The older I get, the more I prefer simple, honest food. We talk a lot in our home about food, was this good, could have it been better, things like that. Happy weekend to you.


  6. Bistro cooking is becoming more and more popular here, thankfully. One restaurant nearby (Pastiche Bistro and Wine Bar) is my new favorite place to dine. Nothing like the lovely bistros in Frances but I’ll take what I get 😉 Absolutely adore your bistro-infused kitchen at Coin Perdu!


  7. Okay, I was so wrapped up in the bistro theme I forgot to comment on your lovely crumble! I have yet to taste a quince 😦 Hope I can find some one day here.


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