Autumn asks for rustic food. Because some days are sunny and mild, meals can still be enjoyed outside and as such a homey, rustic meal can add warmth and cosiness. A rustic meal also falls in step with the colours of the season, as the pumpkin tart shows. So what can be better than being right in the spirit of the season!

***Errata: 3. PASTRY: .. “Use a bit MORE water if too dry and add more flour if needed…”

Une pincée de sel:

  • Sweet potatoes are just as good instead of pumpkin..treat the sweet potatoes the same way.
  • Use wholewheat flour instead of plain flour.
  • Drizzle some herb honey over the pumpkin just before serving, or caramelize the pumpkin with some honey.
  • Make individual servings of tartlets instead of one large tart.
  • Use leeks instead of red onion.


..and autumn gives us umber and sienna..

When I think of winter  think of black and white, grey, mystery, design.. Spring makes me think of flowery pinks, blues, lavenders, whites..In summer it is the exuberance of reds and yellows,  that come to mind…  Autumn gives us siennas and umbers, rich, embracing us with its warmth. I always think that it is the season for artists.

I wish you a lovely artist’s season!

à bientôt


15 thoughts on “Rustic pumpkin tart with onions and goats cheese.. and autumn gives us umber and sienna.

  1. Lovely! Of course, down here, the seasons are opposite, but even in warmer weather I sometimes make a vegetable tart and pumpkin is a favourite, especially topped with scattered olives and fetta.


  2. How gorgeous~ Your photos are lovely, Ronelle, and this is a dish I could welcome on my table at this tiem of year. Sadly, our trees are almost bare already!


  3. Your posts are a delight, visually so beautiful & for a moment one can feel one is part of the French countryside. As I am a tart fanatic, I will enjoy trying this tasty looking version & also with the sweet potato at another time. The variations for such a tart could be endless. Thankyou.


  4. The tart looks beautiful! I’m definitely going to give it a try, as Suemo said, the variations are endless 🙂 Lovely autumn pics too – I love this time of year!


  5. Ronelle,

    That pumpkin recipe sounds delicious, would probably make it with the sweet potatoes also, as those are a family favorite around the holidays. Your fall photos are wonderful, especially those shots of the mushrooms.



  6. Sjoe Ronelle maar die resep lyk lekker..ek is so lief vir pampoen. n Mens voel sommer die koue en proe die lekkerte van die pampoen tert met uie en bok kaas…! 🙂


  7. à Rosa; Thank you!

    à Bridget: Thank you, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

    à Margo: Thank you!

    à Diahn: Yes, I agree, delicious with feta and olives too!

    à Susan: Thanks, yes, our leaves are falling by the tons now too with all the rain.

    à Suemo: Thank you for such a delightful comment! I feel very honoured that you find delight in my posts!
    Oh yes, the sweet potato is delicious too, especially for those with a sweeter my husband!

    à Myherbkitchen: It is truly a beautiful time of year, if not the most beautiful!

    à Eileen, it is wonderful with sweet potatoes, in fact, mu hubby prefers it that way.

    à Karen: thank you for such a lovely compliment, I really appreciate it!

    à Ingrid: Yes, cold and steaming pumpkin and cold just go together.

    à Jeanne: Thanks..I am just such a mushroom lover..

    Thank you everybody!


  8. Thank you for such a delighful comment? I feel very honourednthat you find delivht in my posts! Oh yes, the sweet potato is delicious too, especially for those with a sweeter my husbnd! Thanks again Warmest Ronelle


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