I am very rarely inspired by a recipe. It almost never happens happens that I eat something great and I want the recipe. Of course I enjoy it, but my true inspiration to create a recipe  comes from “things” of everyday life. At the moment I am inspired by colour. Every day as  I watch nature, I witness colours deepen and darken, fade and disappear. I am mesmerized by the dark of wet wood.. the doors, the windows, the wood piles along the country roads ready for winter fires, the deep beiges of dry fields, the soft creams of the sheep grazing the green hills..and then I remember that recipe  saw in a magazine, or the one I tasted at a friends home, and I’m inspired to create the same. This time –  A chocolate mendiant tart I saw in a magazine at the hairdresser. I can’t remember the magazine, or theexact ingredients, except for the addition of the Nutella and the icing sugar roasted nuts. And yes, the chocolate colour perfect to accompany the browns I see around me. And the taste..perfect for the cold rainy days..or any other day!

Une Pincée de fleur de sel:

  • I used orangettes(candied orange strips). See crystallized orange strips how to make them. It is worth making them yourself to buying those tasteless ones in the supermarket.
  • Other dried fruits I used: Dried figs cut in slices and dried cranberries.
  • Nuts I used: Freshly shelled walnuts and pistachios.
  • I didn’t use a sweet pastry, because the chocolate is sweet enough.
  • This dough is enough for 2 tarts. I always make a double quantity so I have a spare pastry ready to roll out in the freezer.
  • Consider using this pastry recipe..Omit the cheese, thyme and peppercorns in the recipe. It is much more buttery, delicious of course, but also  richer.
  • Leave the tart/tartlets to stand for a day to develop flavor.
  • It is important to leave the dough to rest. I always leave my dough overnight, it prevents shrinking. This time I was too hurried and in the photo you can see the result..shrinkage!

..an old dilapidated, but charming door contrast beautifully with white stone walls..

..typical Corréze country-with light cream stone houses and dark roofs, dark shutters, rusted barn equipment, nestling in the green hills..

green Corréze hills with brown soil prepared for new fields, dry cornfields of the past season and stark, late autumn trees..

..happy, creamy white sheep roaming the green hills..

..two friends, a familiar Corrézien sight..

 ..this is a time of year I love to sketch. At the moment, I am truly inspired by the browns and the shapes, especially those of leaves, branches and everything else I find on my walks..

..the stacks of wood ready for the fast approaching winter..

10 thoughts on “Chocolat mendiant tart..and brown to cream inspiration.

  1. It is clear from your posts that aesthetics and loveliness infuse your life’s perspective in every way… Always enjoy seeing your countryside and home, through your eyes.


  2. Ronelle, your blog is always an inspiration. Yes,. I too look at colors so and how gorgeous your browns and rich creams are. Your tarts look divine. love to you,Diana


  3. I love your photos..your art..they go together so well..and when a recipe and recipe card are part of the post:-) ..well..encore mieux..the nuts and icing sugar..brilliant:-)


  4. à Rosa: Thank you, ciao ciao!

    à Zoe: Thank you , I appreciate your lovely comment,yes, our lives are lived with all these things on our doorstep, right?

    à Diana: Thank you..so happy I have friend in looking at our surroundings!

    à Susan: Goodness, I will die from cold in winter with a stack of wood like this..I will never be able to break it up! Thank you for the link..

    à Silvia; Thank you!

    à Anonymous( would love to know your name?) : thank you, yes I also thought that icing sugar and nuts MAKE the tarts!
    Thank you everybody!


  5. What a beautiful tart Ronelle. I’m not much of a sweet eater or a baker, but I do love good dark chocolate. How clever you are to add the Nutella for sheen. I would have never known to do that. I find that people expect dessert when you have them to dinner, so I’m learning more about desserts. Thanks for the tip about the shrinking dough.

    Your French country side is so beautiful as it readies itself for winter and those sheep faces are adorable. So is the little donkey peeking under the fence.


  6. Sjoe Ronelle, wat n pragtige inspirerende “post”!!! Wie sal nou kan dink dat bruine so mooi kan wees. Daar is n salige rustige gevoel wanneer n mens jou post lees en na die fotos kyk! 🙂


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