This morning I said goodbye to a trusted old friend. We lived through the worst of times and through the best of times. She was a pillar and only now do I realize just how much she meant to me. When everybody else left , she stayed, ever willing to listen, giving without ever wanting something in return. Oh true, sometimes she drove me nuts! But when I needed her, she was there.

We spent a lifetime together. She was there when we raised our children in Tours, driving them to school every morning, picking them late afternoons on the dark winterdays. she knew the way to the trainstation where I dropped mon chéri off every morning and picked him up every evening. She kept me company while waiting at the deserted station in early morning hours when he had to stay late in Paris for meetings.  She knows every chateau in the Loire valley by heart.  We went to Venice for a quick 2 days holiday with the family. To Milan, to Verona. We drove to the north of France, to the South, to the ocean in the west,  to the mountains for the snow. We did plein air painting together and still have the oil paint stains to show for it. She is witness to many of my art failures, but also to my successes, carrying paintings to galleries and exhibits. She drove us to the emergency with cut open heads and arms and migraine attacks.

When we bought our Loire house, she was the one who helped us faithfully restore it. Without complaining, she patiently helped loading and transporting bags of plaster and cement and planks and ceilings and tiles and gravel without ever complaining.

One of our favorite pastimes was brocante browsing and she loved it as much as I. She kept me on the right track, making me rethink unnecessary purchases. Isn’t it too heavy, or too big…is it worth paying extra for delivery..?

There were many occasions where she got me safely to the vet with my beloved little chicken, Omelette, who was almost devoured by the dogs, my  lamb Marie-Meringue, who ate poisonous weeds.. our cats, who were poisoned..she never laughed or mocked me for going hysterical about a half eaten chicken which I want ed to save. She understood my fears, my tears, my anger. she witnessed them all, silently, without judgement. She was happy when I was happy and she was strong when I was weak.

She moved house for us and our universities in Toulouse and then to Caen, and then to Paris and again to Toulouse and then to Corréze. Hooked up with remorques and loaded to the roof and beyond.

She came with us to Coin Perdu and continued being the friend she had always been. Here she became my best friend. We did everything together, sliding through the winter snowed-in roads, driving endlessly up and down for tools and material for the restoring the house. She was there for the marriage of our daughter. She drove to pick up guests at the airport, drop them off, take them sigh-seeing, transported chairs and food and clothes and people and  flowers.

Then one day she didn’t perform as usual. Her movements were heavy, lethargic, tired. But she still gave it her all. We pampered her with a day at the spa, but it was clear that she felt worn. Tired. We took shorter trips to have her rest more, to make it easier on her tired limbs.

And finally this morning I said goodbye to her. A better friend I could not have asked for. Our Peugeot 307, 12 years,  350 000 km.

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à bientôt


16 thoughts on “Goodbye to an old friend..

  1. I had tears in my eyes..all the while hoping there would be a happier ending.
    I was fooled all along and thought what a great friend this person was.
    You got me.
    I just gave my white convertible cabriolet..1986 to my daughter..I taught her how to drive in it.. it was her wedding car..:) And now she drives my grandsons in the summer to the beach with it:)

    I really could not imagine a better friend than the one you desrcibed..
    Sad it’s a car..Ne trouves-tu pas?
    Moi oui.
    Il me semble que la vie serait si belle si plus de gens ..were such friends:)

    My husband is though…Through thick and thin.
    I know many kind people..plse don’t get me wrong..:)This one just sounded..well like perfection:)
    I can’t still be lieve how you had me:)


  2. Ronelle, you have such a wonderful gift to write a beautiful story…she indeed was a great friend to mee too! I will miss her…please let us know who is going to replace her and send us a picture!


  3. I just said goodbye to a trusted best friend, my lover, my husband. He passed away suddenly, after 22 years together.


  4. Thank you Rosa..she is still going strong, but not here at Coin Perdu.

    Barbara and Lori..sorry for the fooling, wasn’t really intended. Our peugeot was just SO dependable, she felt like a friend.

    Monique, sorry for the tears! But I agree, I sometimes wish too that I could have a human friend like that, but it would be to wish for perfection. Mais,comme toi,tu as J. Moi, j’ai Hartman. C’est plus qu’on merite, non?
    Read this link..

    Yes,’ll remember her well…fun times..

    Anonymous, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I hope that time will be kind to you.


  5. I was taken in also 🙂 I thought at first a true friend, a female. Then, I thought a dear pet. I never expected this ending 🙂 You speak of your car just like my daughter does. She personifies every favorite thing..names them, talks to them. Aches when they have to be replaced. She even feels bad for the trees in the Christmas lot aren’t sold 🙂 Your next car will find a wonderful home!


  6. I’m very very sad this week over the loss of my daughter’s darling Mazda, which my husband handed down to her two years ago when she got her license. It looked like a grey cat and was PERFECT for her! A deer hit it and damaged it beyond repair, believe it or not, and with only 90,000 miles! It still seemed like new. It really IS like losing a family member, isn’t it?? Glad you had so many years with your dear Peugeot!


  7. Susan, oh yes, it is just like a pair of trusted worn shoes which become so comfortable, and I think your daughter and I will be hopeless together..I can completely understand her feeling sorrow for a lonely Christmas tree!

    June, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s car..I hope no one was hurt? Yes, I’ver seen what damage a deer(even a small one) can do to a car! I hope she gets handed down one soon again..maybe Dad’s Mercedes?


  8. Ronelle–you were “close”! Dad handed her down his adorable Saab and got a newer one for himself (sigh–just isn’t the same, you know??)

    Speaking of which *ahem* it seems to me you owe us all an introduction to YOUR new friend! PICTURES!!


  9. June..oh, the joy of having a father with a marshmellow heart! I have a husband like that..hehe.I
    I now have a little Lqndrover well for the farm.


  10. Oh you! I was hooked on each word. I was prepared to cry. I thought of my friends and loved ones. And then, I gave a huge sigh of relief and thought of my of BMW. She’s a trusted friend and protector, just like yours was. They keep us warm and safe and they get us where we need to go in life. Gratitude is important– even for a big chunk of rumbling metal.


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