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“Un rideau de flocons blancs ininterrompu miroitait sans cesse en descendant vers la terre; il effaçait les formes, poudrait les choses d’une mousse de glace; et l’on n’entendait plus, dans le grand silence de la ville calme et ensevelie sous l’hiver, que ce froissement vague, innommable et flottant de la neige qui tombe, plutôt sensation que bruit , entremêlement d’atomes légers qui semblaient emplir l’espace, couvrir le monde.” Guy de Maupassant, boule de suif.

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“It was early autumn, then, before the snow began to fly. –(There’s an expression for you, born in the country, born from the imaginations of men and their feeling for the right word, the only word, to mirror clearly what they see! Those with few words must know how to use them.) Men who have seen it, who have watched it day by day outside their cabin window coming down from the sky, like the visible remorse of an aging year; who have watched it bead upon the ears of the horses they rode, muffle the sound of hoofs on the trail, lie upon spruce boughs and over grass – cover, as if forever, the landscape in which they moved, round off the mountains, blanket the ice in the rivers – for them the snow flies. The snow doesn’t fall. It may ride the wind. It may descend slowly, in utter quiet, from the grey and laden clouds, so that you can hear the flakes touching lightly on the wide white waste, as they come to rest at the end of their flight. Flight – that’s the word. They beat in the air like wings, as if reluctant ever to touch the ground. I have observed them coming down, on a very cold day, near its end when the sky above me was still blue, in flakes great and wide as the palm of my hand. They were like immense moths winging down in the twilight, making the silence about me visible.” – Howard O’Hagan Tay John

…Voilà coin Perdu in January! Quiet and silent behind its curtain of white…

neige 2013-023..Our barn, where we are living until the house is finished..

neige 2013-017

..A view on the bench, where I dream and plan, except in winter. Then I dream and plan by the fire..

neige 2013-019

..Forgotten socks …

neige 2013-013

..and terracotta pots waiting to be cleaned..

neige 2013-028

..Two adorable faces, waiting for fresh hay..

neige 2013-027

..The Eiffle tower, a bit askew in the potager..

neige 2013-014

..Old barrel rims, waiting to become arches in the potager..

neige 2013-024

..The wine bottle rack, serving some different purpose every so often..

neige 2013-031

..The road to la toilette requires snow boots..

neige 2013-025

..”La toilette” in snow attire..

neige 2013-026

..Velouté de butternut..

velouté de butternut 1Recipe:

  1. Clean and chop and onion and fry in some olive oil.
  2. Add some cleaned Butternut, cut into chunks.
  3. Cover with vegetable or chicken stock until vegetables are completely covered. simmer until very tender.
  4. Mix to a puree and put back on gentle heat.
  5. Add coconut milk to the soup according to your preference.. Season and leave to simmer gently on low heat for about 10 minutes.
  6. Add the juice of 1 orange, season with salt and pepper.
  7. Serve warm with freshly grated nutmeg and crusty bread.

So, on this quiet, hushed snow note, I leave you..

à bientôt!


10 thoughts on “Velouté de butternut..and footprints in the snow.

  1. I love snow pictures, particularly those as lovely as yours. What seems romantic and charming in photos comes face-to-face with a very cold reality with wet snow and a trek to the outhouse!

    Just beautiful!



  2. Oh Ronelle, what a wonderful look at your retreat. I make a veloute sauce for many of my dishes and it manytimes has a chicken base for all of my concoctions. I like your idea of adding a new flavor like the butternut.

    We have had no snow yet this year, very unusual!



  3. I was thinking exactly as Monique said before I read her comment 🙂 Love the juxtaposition of black and white and then the burst of orange. Lovely winter photos, Ronelle! I’m having a hard time with the walk to la toilette, though 🙂


  4. Thank you for the likes and emails and stopping by..I apprecaite ity!

    à Rosa: Merci, mon amie!

    à Monique..Merci ..So happy you “got” the atmosphere of the post! but as always, you are this sensitive soul, c’est pourqoi je t’aime autant!

    à Genie.. thank yo! Oh yay, thank you for realizing that not everything is just a fairytale..even fairytales have bad moments! But soon, I won’t have to do that “walk” any more!

    à Eileen( …a velouté is just a workhorse, isn’t it. It works anywhere and everybody loves it. thank you for commenting, in spite of having to do it anonymous on WP..I really appreciate it!

    à Susan..You also sensed the atmosphere..I”m always very chuffed when I succeed in something, even when just a little bit! I felt like your decadent chocolate dessert yesterday, but would have had to go into town for ingredients and of course, being snowed in…



  5. I loved the opening to your post and it really lets everyone experience the feelings about snow. Your photos look very much like it is here in New England at the moment. There was something special about waking to the beauty of the snow but I’m glad I didn’t have to take the cold walk to the toilet. Of course your lovely orange veloute not only added color to the day but must have been delicious.


  6. Beautiful pictures! Love the contrast of the snow and bright color of the soup!


  7. Karen…It is always magical waking up to snow..I love it. and ending the day with something warm and comforting..well it makjes for a good day, doesn’t it?

    A strawberry patch..thank you..the contrast was even sharper in the feel!


  8. It is -10 degrees F. A little snowy. The soup just warmed me. The welcome orange after the wintry white. The walk to the toilette would not make my heart sing. But the words of the snowfall – do, Snowflakes do ride on the wind, there is a soft sound as they softly descend on the white landscape.


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