June and July went by so quickly, I am still wondering where I was..I fell and broke my leg 2 weeks ago, so my moving about is somewhat restricted, especially here in the barn and on the rugged terrain of Coin Perdu. The crutches drive me nuts, but they are my best friends at the moment. At least my biceps are now something to look at. I’m not doing a lot of cooking, if any and it is only the most easiest of cooking – a handful of tomatoes from the potager on the plate with the salt and pepper pots beside it. A bowl of peaches. Half a chicken done by mon chéri on the barbecue. A tub of ice cream. A slab of Lindt fleur de sel chocolate.Lots of water to prevent the leg from swelling. More chocolate and ice cream. Macarons. Don’t you think I am a good girl for eating so healthy?

broken leg

WARNING: This is a fairly long post! I am also adding my Facebook page if you would like to follow and my instagram account as well as Lindiwe, our german shepherddog’s account.

In the meantime, the garden is running out from under my hands. Our summer has been very hot up to now and very dry and the garden is showing signs of fatigue without water and my loving care. It is big holiday time and France has come to its summer standstill. No one is available for helping in the garden. But it was nonetheless so beautiful before the drought took over and I thought I’d share it with you, since I can’t really show you my plate of tomatoes with salt and pepper or half a chicken on my plate…even though it was as goo..ood!

June/July 2015 it started off lush and green in May, everything was flowering beautifully, newly planted lavenders santolinas…

Garden in May-001

..even when the pool was being built, it looked…OK

building pool

summer 2015 new pool

iceberg roses, feverfew,, salvia nemerosas to name but a few

Garden JUNE 2015-003 Iceberg roses lavandes grosso rosier suneva Salvia nemorosa

On the terrace with Partia, purple oxalys, herbs..

Pratia angulata(blue star creeper) purple oxalis sage

..My beloved olde world flower, the hollyhocks, a lost sunflower that sprouted from the birds’ winterseeds and even dried roses..


dried white rose one sunflower


..new additions to the family are the two babygees, who mon chéri calls Hansie & Grietjie, some cute chicks and Lindiwe, our german sheperd dog, who has her own instagram account, should you be interested in following!

hansie & grietjie


Lindiwe in pool

And of course hours spent around the table..our favorite pastime, you could say.

summer 2015-003 summer 2015-004 summer 2015-006 Summer July weekend Summer July weekend-001 Summer July weekend-002 Summer July weekend-008 summer lunch

à bientôt



8 thoughts on “June/July at Coin Perdu.

  1. I’m so sorry about your leg, Ronelle! It must really be hard to navigate all those rough spots in your beautiful, hilly terrain! I loved seeing the photos of your garden and your life. Your photos would be at home anywhere in the high-end lifestyle magazine world… they are superb.


  2. So sorry for your immobility Ronelle. I am facing that in October when I have plates and pins removed from my leg. But your place in beautiful and it looks like you have made the best of it. Hope I can do the same. My best for a speedy recovery. Will be checking back.


  3. Lovely to see your garden, even though like mine it’s suffering from lack of rain.
    I hope the broken leg is not hindering you too much 🙂
    Take care, and enjoy the rest of summer.


  4. IAM coming to VISIT!We had geese………..LOVED THEM.DAISY and DAHLIA………
    SORRY to hear about the leg………….we have no time for these kind of things!Can you draw and paint………..I still want YOU to draw ME!!!WoULD love that!
    INSTAGRAM is antique goddess(all one word).Then there is the BLOG…….www.TheVintageContessa.Net
    I have a secret stash of EURO…………….can send snail mail!!


  5. Oh Ronelle, I’m so sorry to hear about your broken leg, that is terrible. I can sympathize with you as I’ve been in a cast for a month as I broke two bones in my foot. I agree that our arms get stronger from relying on crutches to get around but I’m still wobbly just using one leg to walk on since I can’t put any weight on my broken foot. I so enjoyed the photos of your garden and the new additions to your life. I’ll be wishing for a fast recovery for your leg and a little cooler weather with some gentle showers for your garden. Take care my friend. By the way, I hope this message gets through as my birthday wish to you and my comment on your quark and roasted tomatoes didn’t seem to show up. Perhaps they landed in a spam file.


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